Tower Defense game has Coffee...Arena: Tower Defense ROBLOX -

Tower Defense game has Coffee…Arena: Tower Defense ROBLOX

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AYyyoo I played Arena: Tower Defense on Roblox because a few of you guys asked for it. I have played this game before and occasionally play it with friends. I really do enjoy this game, but never went out of my way to make a video for it. If you haven’t played… GO PLAY NOW 🙂


Discord –

Outro song : Future Speak – guestroom.

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  1. This game was originally named 'woman tower defense '

  2. Ok this game I have all boss achievements


  4. hey so i found this game a while ago and it was a very realistic tower defense game and it is called tower defenders this game has alot of enemys all of them are very hard too beat in their own ways and it might take a while to get used to but its a very medivel themed tower defence game and in my opinion it is one of the best. There are I think 5 or 4 or 6 gamemodes all of them have diffrent rewards not to metion the amout of towers there are, there is strong towers and early game towers but in all they are all balanced (exept for some) in their own way and in my opinion i had a great time playing the game and i would like that you play it too. And if you diden't get the name it is called Tower Defenders i hope you see this and i hope you play it and just saying it will take a little bit to get used the the menu. If you play it best of luck and there are many bosses all of them are random to spawn so, Good luck!

    edit: its called tower defense sorry that i got the name wrong :c

  5. There's coffee he loves the game before he plays it

  6. Coffee you should try the mimic is probably the best roblox horror game
    Its a great game, and the best thing
    That is actually scary XD

  7. I'ma play SCP TD coffee would you like to join me in hardcore SCP-3008?

  8. And you let me down you make me cry you tell a lie you run around and dessert me(ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahahhahajbldqghksak

  9. You are good but you dont have my reaper and all towers

  10. The name used to be woman tower defense😩

  11. fun fact: the last name of this game was Woman Tower Defense

  12. Hey
    You played too
    Well im there too
    I reached my goal to get the reaper
    But that almost costed like a entire week looking for tutorials
    Then i saw revalance update
    I saw my chance
    And i did it whitout any tutorial
    If u want the reaper
    Prepare to suffer
    U shall get hitman gunner fire mage ruby queen farm(idk why it works there but not on master) beacon
    Thats all you need
    And play on void lanes
    Its easiest intermedium map cause u need a intermedium or harder map to get the badge and the reaper
    Reaper is even more pain than getting golden pyro on ur golden crate on tds
    But its worth to suffer
    Buy Lora
    She is o v e r p o w e r e d
    I assure you
    Im a literal level 127-140
    And shes just overpowered

  13. this game is actually pretty sick but the towers give me nightmares work weeks straight

  14. 0:26 if you want to you can make videos on how to solo certain modes on certain maps

  15. You've abandoned the coffee machine in SCP TD. You've left it behind in your inventory, rotting alongside the others. Digital spider webs begin to grow on it, slowly covering it until there's nothing to be seen but webs. It seeks revenge after all this time. After trial and error, it has decided to finally carry out its plan…

    …in the form of a literal cup of coffee from another cool tower defense game!

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