Top 5 Tower Defense Games On Roblox -

Top 5 Tower Defense Games On Roblox

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Results are not what you are expecting. You can watch the full video here:


  1. Ur never knew WTD , you will be a trough of pain playing it…The Enimes will don't follow the path but they instead attack your tower , once all your tower die , your base will dieEdit : WTD = World tower defense

  2. "i believe it is the first td game to introduce dual upgrade"Bloons td:

  3. Just lost braincells while watching stuff OPM fans were saying. Anyway, here's a short

  4. You just started your YouTube channel I guess

  5. I believe scp td got the most unique designs and towers. Everything is permanent (events too) and everything is always new players friendly. Every tower in the game has its own unique features. Even the starter towers are good. There is no bad towers in there. They also listen to the community.

  6. Tower blitz isn’t the first game to introduce dual paths, Bloons td exists

  7. Bro Tower Heroes literally has skin Crates with many skin has stickers each mode and map has a different Boss or enemy, it even has enemy follower and u can morph It. It SHOULD BE atleast top 2 or 1.

  8. me realizing that im the only person who knows that tower battles wasnt the first TD game on ROBLOX:

  9. "Tower blitz was the first tds game to have 2 upgrades"
    Noob td: allow me to introduce myself

  10. I don't think he's heard of bloons tower defnce

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