TOP 5 BEST TOWERS In TDS || Tower Defense Simulator -

TOP 5 BEST TOWERS In TDS || Tower Defense Simulator

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  1. Why did you not include minigun I wanted it at lease at 5

  2. Below natural seeing this vid be like: whips out nerf gun

  3. Toxic gunner when Bug got fixed: Do i still keep the crown? :<

  4. one time it was me and some other dude and he spammed ranger and we won cuz all the rangers would shoot at the boss and it would lose a lot of health

  5. i want accel but i dont want to grind same with gold crate but i got a plan

  6. is there any other tower to replace gladiator with?

  7. i will use this load out when i get unbanned for saying the funny number (not funni anymore its the thing that bans u from roblox for 3 days) but i don have glad toxic gunner or accel

  8. problem with gladiator is not many people have it since its an event also instead of toxic gunner i would go for sledger

  9. "Farm shall live in your loadout"

    Okie ima farm in events 😀

  10. "Farm should always be in your loadout"
    Events: farm should not be in every event
    Challenges: nah

  11. to me support towers sohulds be on here because it needs other towers to be good (edit) i mean shouldnt

  12. Level 0-10s: Best tower is GREEN SCOUT DUH
    Level 20s-50s: Best tower is gladiator duh ;-;
    Level 50s-100s: Accelerator OBVIOUSLY
    Level 100s-200s: Golden mini gunner is BEST
    Level 200s-300s:Commander 😑
    Level 300s-500s: Toxic GUNNER!?
    Level 500s-1000s: Ranger cuz it has highest damage
    Level 1000+: farm

  13. Toxic gunner: hahaha I'm toooo op

  14. How to make a comment
    Step 1:say I click fast then flash
    Step 2:get likes

  15. i dont think he understands that 55% isnt 100% buff…
    for those that dont understand 55% takes 55% of the towers fire rate and adds it onto it so it doesnt attack twice as fast it attacks half of the fire rate and the same fire rate mixed together which is still good but he doesnt understand
    edit: a 2x fire rate buff would be 100% buff because it takes how much the tower is currently firing and adds it onto itself so its double, you can get 90% with mixing gladiator ability and max commander call to arms which is the most i have gotten

  16. I think gargoyle skin for commander is best skin in game change my mind

  17. Everyone: watching YouTube video normally
    Me: how are you demolishing hardcore mode?!

  18. But atleast paintballer is much better than toxic gunner

  19. I pretty sure military base use to be OP

  20. To be honest
    I'm kinda dumb lol XD
    but what does DPS means?

  21. hmmmm these should be useful for my solo hidden wave

  22. farm should not always be in loudout cause event

  23. me without toxic gunner be like:
    guy: flexing toxic gunner
    me: i dont need it i dont need it

  24. I honestly thought mini gunner was gonna be there cause in my opinion it's decent

  25. I feel uncorfotable without farm even on event

  26. The toxic gunner is from Halloween 2020 but its too late now and i dont have glad and toxic gunnner because im wanna solo molten

  27. For me here's mine I won't count event towers only normal
    5 turret
    4 dj
    3 pursuit
    2 ranger/accelerator
    1 commander/farm

  28. "This tower can be used early game without problems"
    Hidden enemies: am i a joke to u

  29. honestly i prefer sledger over toxic gunner

  30. NOOoOOOoO1!!11!1!2!1!!


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