Top 5 BEST COMBOS in Pixel Gun Tower Defense -

Top 5 BEST COMBOS in Pixel Gun Tower Defense

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  1. Lag switcher with laser revolver, pro with laser revolver, kill stealer with rapid firing rifle, exploiter with rapid firing rifle. And exploiter with ap maxed olny possible on veteran mode and still it kind sucked

  2. Grinder + Shotgun mini is also a good combo (mainly because of the money from the quests), and maybe dealer + ap.

  3. grinder+ultimatum is also a good combo,can def get all tasks done on late game on veteran

  4. i see some comments on grinder ultimatum: yes, its busted. sleep mode doesnt affect ultimatum, since its a reload based weapon. and grinder can get giant amounts of money, so its useful the whole game
    rfr rework made it basically a better ap, exploiter rfr does more dps than exploiter ap


  6. For early game it would be better to use a guardian or something for the first few waves and then get the pro with the electromagnetic cannon, especially since the electro magnet cannon can damage 12 enemies at once meaning the it can usually last until the rock enemies start appearing on recruit giving you a lot of time to upgrade your jukebox or get an exploiter

  7. noob with golden friend is the cheapest to get camo 2

  8. If u wanna kill medics, zombies, and sprinters. I would definetly reccomend traitor + camper it 1 hits the zombies medics and sprinters. And long range.
    Not good for bosses tho

  9. Lag switcher and Exterminator is actually pretty good for veteran mode

  10. Exploiter with poison darts is underrated

  11. i get i nice combo i create this combo and i call "Damege Switcher" bc are cheap and give really damege u need

    Guy: Lag Switcher
    Gun: Exterminator

    you place and done lag Switcher he have lag ability and bc that he shots more faster the gun shot slow but give nice damege

  12. Exploiter better with shotgun mini. 100 dm. 0.03 speed. 87 rad

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