Top 10 Tower Defense Games -

Top 10 Tower Defense Games
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Keep up your guard! Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Tower Defence Games. For this list we ranked any and all tower defence games, based on their fun factor and long term appeal. We’re excluding unofficial games like “Pokemon Tower Defense.” Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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  1. I love BTD it should've been in the number 1 spot
    I've played since BTD 4 came out and I have a top 3 list
    3: BTD 4
    2: BTD 6
    1: BTD 5
    (I started playing this series when BTD 4 came out so I don't know if BTD 1 or 2 or 3 are better)

  2. I’ve played bloons kingdom rush and PvZ and personally think bloons is actually the worst one. To me the premise is dumb and it’s insanely boring. But I think pvz is better than kingdom rush. That’s just me though. I think pvz should have been number one

  3. I only came here because the thumbnail has pvz

  4. I remember a game like PVZ but I don’t remember the name.I do remember the look of it.
    1.Instead of sunflower,it is a person selling “Banh Bao”
    2.The peashooter became a archert(don’t know if I said that right)
    3.After some level,it will make you buy new level.

  5. There is this mobile one I really like, it's called empire warriors TD, highly recommend it

  6. I'm mad that everybody is talking about btd5 instead of kingdom rush and that's probably because it's not that popular and that makes me sad

  7. If this list should update btd 6 should be number 1

  8. Number 2 should have been BTD5 and number 1 should have been PvZ

  9. Dune II would be my pick for #1, but modern classification considers it a "real-time strategy." PVZ would stay at #2.

    Haven't played BTD5 or Kingdom Rush, but now I want to try them!

  10. Notice: this video is outdated as Bloons TD 6 aka btd 6 is out and it's much better then btd 6 and other games.

  11. Now there is bloons td 6
    And plant vs zombies 2

  12. Personaly Frontiers is my favourite. But original had more levels

  13. I like Booblyc td, it has so many levels, I didn't finish yet. Haha it has scenario and really cool humor XD

  14. Now that bloons td 6 is out it would be number 2/1 on this list

  15. Who else came here just to see Plants Vs Zombies finally be in a WatchMojo video

  16. Plants vs zombies is barely a tower defense game, smh

  17. While I'm glad to see PvZ, Bloons, and Kingdom Rush placing well…Come on, they should have eliminated the FPS hybrids in favor of some of these classics:- TowerMadness- geoDefense- Tap Defense- Fieldrunners

  18. The fact btd is not number one kills me

  19. I'm trying to find a game like kingdom rush but at the end is a castle and you have to protect it from little warrior people like in kingdom rush. I played this game to much when I was younger and now dont know what it is. Game is a least 7-8 years old PLEASE HELP

  20. Defense Grid should have been number 1. Plants vs Zombies is fine as 2nd and Sol Survivor should be 3rd.

  21. Did they say no sequels and I missed it? They must've, I don't see PvZ 2 here…

  22. How do you guys have such a wide range of topics in your videos and still sound like people who have played every single game and are not just trying to sound cool or something its redunculous

  23. All kingdom rush games are on steam and have no micro transactions but cost a little bit more

  24. There was a pokemon game that was just like plants vs zombies.. But I can't find It now on playstore and I don't remember it's name either, can you help me?

  25. I like both PvZ tower defense games but the original is better

  26. This video has 666,331 thousand views I know a lot of 6 and 3 but there is a 1

  27. Who loves balloons td6 and plants vs zombies garden warfare

  28. kingdom rush origin and frontiers should be top 1 and top 2

  29. my tower defensee fav in this video is plants vs zombies and my fav tower defence in all game is. roblox tower defense simulator

    why i like plants vs zombies? cause in the whole video. im only has a plants vs zombies video game and its no need grind + its good for pc that are not that good like me and its creative cause the tower is plants and not other tower i think

    why i like roblox tower defense simulator? cause its can played online and its can be pvp(for now its deleted but idk if its will back or nor) + you can teamwork with a friend

  30. my favorite is plants vs zombies though kingdom rush is a close second.

  31. How did I know Legion TD wasn't going to be on here…. weak

  32. You are high if you think orcs 1 is better than orcs 2

  33. pvz was a great time when it was cool, now it kinda fell down as nothing similar is being done those days (i mean we got mods and fangames for it but is it a consolation?)

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