Top 10 Tower Defense Games for Android 2021 -

Top 10 Tower Defense Games for Android 2021

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10 – Wild Sky |
9 – Thunder Squad |
8 – Rooster Defense |
7 – Towerlands |
6 – Destiny Child: Defense War |
5 – Divine Legends |
4 – Rush Royale |
3 – King of Defense: Battle Frontier |
2 – Guardian Chronicle |
1 – Arknights |

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  1. been playing arknights for almost 2 years, now I'm level 120, it's a really good game, but you need something more casual to play in between 2 event otherwise you'll get bored waiting especially when you reached mid to late game progress, I need an offline casual td games just like fieldrunners or kingdom rush.

  2. All these games are okay but i really came here was if fieldrunners is included here, but they weren't so sad

  3. All of them are kingdom rush clones.

  4. i want a defense game like.. you will upgrade your heroes and tower and they will be there forever

  5. Where is btd games? List is crap if u dont include 1 of 8 games that they have made last 20years. But them am prob 15 years older then u

  6. Does anyone know of a TD game as good as the old Tower Raiders (1 & 2)? 11 or 12 yrs ago I had the original Android smartphone and that was the first game I tried… and unfortunately I've never found another as good. Lol

  7. There was a tower defense game I used to play but unfortunately I have forgotten the name😶😶😶

  8. Divine legends doesn't works, any solution ?

  9. Nice friend good luck your is best keep your work

  10. Arknights is hands down the best tower defense game of all time.

  11. Thank u sooo much I really wanted towerlands

  12. I'm surprised that Bloons tower defence wasn't on the list

  13. I used to a tower defence game on my windows phone but I can't find any that are as descent lol

  14. Anyone here played good old cursed treasure?

  15. 4:27 That game is pretty much a ripoff of random dice
    6:32 Same thing with rush royale

  16. disliked because people seem to think kingdom rush is a tower defense when it isn't

  17. Nothing beats Kingdom Rush. Simple and engaging

  18. Best tower defense for me is Samurai vs zombies

  19. Bloons TD 6 is hands down still the best TD game on mobile. Its not pay to win but u gotta buy the game. Lots of towers, lots of strategy and the mechanics is just insanely huge. Seems easy at first but as the level goes up, u gotta really know ur towers. They have cash generating towers, which most decent TD games on mobile dont have. The devs do decent updates on towers (buffed weak and unused towers or nerfed them). They also do some events/challenges every now and then.
    The only downside is that u gotta buy the game. However it's worth every penny. Thank me later.

  20. Towerlands seems sound like Skyrim Dovahkimm song

  21. Starland Multiplayer TD on Kongregate needs to come back! That game was so good! Be nice to have someone create a mobile version of the game!

  22. still Over the top tower defense (OTTD), released years ago, the best one IMO

  23. There's this little known game called Mega Tower by Youloft Games which I find quite nice

  24. I'm here because I just finished kingdom rush and looking for something similar haha

  25. looks like the same games from the past 10 years… nothing new

  26. Fundemort Grey Prime Defender of Truth and Justice says:

    funny the no 10 is actually the one who has highest review score on google play

  27. Kingdom rush series are the best tower defense

  28. Can anyone give me the name of that one cube tower defense is like destiny child tower defesne

  29. Roblox Tower defense simulator :trollface:

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