Top 10 Best FREE Strategy Games on Steam! -

Top 10 Best FREE Strategy Games on Steam!

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Don’t forget to check GOG Weekly sale! – ALL games are free of DRM and refunds are supported for up to 30 days! | Top 10 Best FREE Strategy and RTS Games on Steam! 2021 Edition


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  1. This is awesome thanks for the Great vid man👍

  2. WISH I COULD get dungeon keeper 1 2 or the 3rd install ment.

  3. conqueror's blade is the best free Strategy if u r the kind of ppl like mid age war, cold weapon and catching

  4. Is there anyone there know a game where the mission mode can be played multiplayer wise? A game like crusade stronghold ore command of counquer genereals

  5. Fr why u gotta call us out with our bad looks and terrible gaeming skills

  6. Thank you for covering War Selection 🙂 it's such a good game and the toxic community isn't really true it's like games where there are some people who are toxic 🙂

  7. Its good to find a funny youtuber. Good video.

  8. First video that shows RTS, not Every-janra-there-is janra. Thanks! Sub

  9. "No Mobile games" literally a moblie game in the list before the great game empires apart

  10. lmao one of them was exacly just lke hearts of iron but old

  11. CK2 makes me brain dead when i play i guess cuz i play to much hoi 4

  12. I was litterely seating on toilet while watching this

  13. CK2 is a really great game. But you need to understand, that you actually manage a dynasty instead of a nation. There is even a huge GOT modfor it. How fitting. 😈

  14. Como faz pra instalar jogos no notebook, pois queria muito baixar age of empires e não tô conseguindo

  15. Make video on chamet glrace game or number game trick

  16. Damn im subscribing funny personality and great ranks!!!

  17. I didn't hear anything but "Crusader Kings 2"…!!! 🤓

  18. Lol you're actually so funny, this might be the first channel I subscribed to after watching just one video! Thank you for the recommendations

  19. will someone ever make a Frozen Throne remake???

  20. god dam fianly a channe that knows how to show and some what advertise the game they are showing in a good whay. like its not number 3 this game has 3 races and u fight, nummber 2

  21. ight so at least the first game you list is no longer free

  22. Ye speaking the good ole Irish langgy, gud review m8

  23. you need to create this but with Mac OS games if you can

  24. Totally garbage games but what made the video was yourself making us laugh,earned my sub

  25. Hey can you help me find a game its a strategy game but i forgot the name all i remember that theres like samurais and orcs smt like those if anyone can find it please reply and thank you

  26. Lambda wars became unplayable on the survival. It got one update after years, and they fricked us up

  27. For Empires Apart… the campaign would actually require you to win the next chapter from a loot box. 😅🤣

  28. anyone new that just watched this vid empires apart shut down due to funding problems.

  29. I had no idea crusader kings 2 was free to play, thanks for the heads up

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