Toilet tower defense (Trading montage #14) Inventory showcase! -

Toilet tower defense (Trading montage #14) Inventory showcase!

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My user is Heck_XD1
Display name is AnTrader
I will be happy if we reach 500 subs❤️

engineer godly utc uts cinema toilet skibidi
Scientist chef tv spider tv

#trading #skibiditoilet #toilettowerdefense #towerdefense #ttd


  1. hey antrader! im back from vacation. so i wasnt on my pc for a bit
    Good job!

  2. I wish i had engineer:(but my units are not that food valeu but i geve my friend a large turkey speakerman and ssaid i can have it back when i need it:)

  3. can you give me something that can solo medium mode

  4. you should do leg or cinema giveaway since ur so rich

  5. godlys are worth 4 to 5 mythics so u just scammed yourself

  6. Yo bro can i have a mythic?

  7. Is it better to trade Chef for Engineer or Godly rn?

  8. U got a new sub congratulations 🎊

  9. hey it me SecurityAltForbuying thanks to you i can trade better and flex to my friend that i have 3 tv woman and they dont even have one 🤑 Also good vid sorry for being kate to comment i was so busy but I enjoy and love your vids when ur a famous youtuber snd got partner remember me 🎉

  10. I got a scientist tv for 125 gems
    Thats a massive w!
    Edit: Just got another one for 100 gems.

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