This Tower Defense game is INSANE -

This Tower Defense game is INSANE

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Hey everyone! Today we try out a new Tower def game anime defenders.

Roblox support code: Baxtrix

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  1. My first roll in standard and got mythical called carp. How? Idk, maybe i am just lucky in anime games. (not kidding) acc: ChiaZenuitsme. So first when I saw this game, I joined. After getting a free roll, i went for limited. I rolled twice and then started standard. And the first one i get is carp. (I lost my record). No gamepass or whatsoever potion, just pure luck.

  2. hey bax if i see you in the game can you pls give me any gamepass my nick name is: slender and real name is: jake_76358 i really hope i rcan see bax your my fav youtuber alive

  3. hey bax can you pls give me a gamepass if see you there at that game i will play everyday to see you my nick name is: slenderman my real name is: jake_76358 i really hope i can see in the game your my fav youtuber alive:)

  4. bax about your mythic garp
    he actually got rollled and there is a chance that you can roll units with traits on them
    and you rolled a precision with garp when you rolled him
    precision is one of the good traits

  5. Baxtrix i have something to tell you if you play the that's not my neighbor but the scary version if you don't want to play with the clown and call the ddd you will get a secret! Hope this helps!

  6. usually i dont like td games but this is good really good btr then ttd

  7. Bro the mythic you got is the strongest mythic in the game and someone told me that💀

  8. There’s a game called toilet tower defence

  9. There’s toilets in that and cameraman

  10. I was the guy with the Admiral of Lava hope I helped u if u want any more help u can add me Name: Danyesefutau1

  11. Ayyooo chillll let those bandits walk 5 miles

  12. Hey bax! i know you love rng games, So. i have a new one. I work for the owner of the game and we can maybe meet up… The game name is RSH RnG. I can also make the owner meet up w you

    please like this comment so bax can see

  13. Hey bro that game was named Anime advancers so shut up

  14. I have a game idea: go on toilet tower defense and go on an alt account with out any units and no sighing and try to be as rich as possible

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