This New Tower Defense Game is AMAZING!!! | Tower Blitz [Alpha] -

This New Tower Defense Game is AMAZING!!! | Tower Blitz [Alpha]

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This is one of the best tower defense games out there!

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  1. This game's animation is so smooth, and the easy difficulty is not that hard

  2. why does he die in the same wave in the first round i played

  3. Another tower defense game that is not original 👏👏👏

  4. Dude try out defenders of the apocalypse, its basic but its awesome!

  5. Imma check the video out and play this after
    Edit : I'm new to this channel

  6. This is stupid but I need to ask atleast somewhere if you can contact a discord mod or something may I contact them myself? I randomly got banned from their server and I'm not sure why, I didn't do anything, I only did something warning worthy but not something to be banned on, and I did it once and thats it.. I just really need to be in it incase my data gets deleted or something worse happens to my account…

  7. IKKKKKK i remember playing this game like 2 weeks ago and it was super fun even tho I only played 2 games

  8. This game got most views in last 2 week upload again about it

  9. Epik play my man i got to wave 15 when first started

  10. Bro I got the last wave and I literally got no battery I wish I could at least get some rewards.

  11. rookite mistake. placed the first concript wrong

  12. dont support this game the developer screams at the people who work for the game

  13. cxfgjk;lihgfcvhjnknhjknvb.v vcf lkjkfgvbhgchbgf says:

    No flying in easy

  14. conscript range upgrade is better then damage

  15. Dude do u know how to find that "Redeem" Code Button? I want to redeem codes but I can't find It 🙁 I try asking for players no help bruh

  16. Era que incluyas eso a Cube Defense, y hagas uno solo , porque es lo mismo.

  17. i played this and then i got board and i left i played the alpha

  18. I discovered this game by watching you and im so happy tower blitz is so good

  19. Even as a noob with crossbower and conscript you can make it to the last wave and maybe win.

    Conscript for damage.

    Crossbower for slowing.

  20. tower blitz is just tds except no stupid admin only towers and nice and easy

  21. you sure play more of this nice tower defense is kind smooth

  22. man i miss conscipt after major update

  23. received 1 royal jelly [from royal jelly] says:

    Only ogs truly remember conscript

  24. you will forever be missed conscript

  25. i remeber whe they game was like this i have lots of memories when i started playing im level 60 now lol bec i stopped playing after the updates

  26. I wonder if anyone maked expert mode here cuz its ez

  27. Wait is this the old version of tower blitz

  28. u earned a sub, you are very underrated tho. hope you earn a milestone someday

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