This NEW Tower Defense Anime Defenders Might Have Anime Adventures Quality Effects!!! Release Soon -

This NEW Tower Defense Anime Defenders Might Have Anime Adventures Quality Effects!!! Release Soon

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  1. Wow more td games…… like we all need more

  2. This is so cool, I want to play this game as soon as possible

  3. I don't have enough time to farm in all the new tower defense games

  4. game looks crazy fun and I think it does anime adventures justice. anime adventures 2.0?

  5. Ngl this one looks more promising than anime clash

  6. So far this is the most promising atd thats coming that caught my attention

  7. Bro on god Anime Adventures is Gold Roger and he got exacuted and a bunch of people aka creators saw his death and heard his last words and started the new era of roblox…anime age

  8. after aa got take down people start to release anime tower defense game like they know if aa still exist people dont really care about they game

  9. Lol this game will have less active players than multiverse defenders within a week of release

  10. we'll there's something even better that is the same thing but f2p* (there's a few changes but it uses the same gameplay mechanics and it probably won't have the same visual design)

  11. sure this gona destroy my phone because of the graphic quality

  12. Oh you are smart. You’re linking their discord with an invite you made so you get loads of invites. Smart.

  13. they need a UI maker from AA because it feels very simple but looks nice and neat

  14. "Anime adveture" renturn to roblox coming soon….

  15. I hope this game came fast and be free good video btw

  16. Anime clash banned me from their discord bc I said it doesn’t matter what age they’re 12 13 or anything above that I mean that as a friend why and I got perm banned

  17. I'm calling it, this and AC are gonna dominate once released

  18. Toad do you know why it says I got the limited unit in the afk chamber but then randomly gets rid of it.

  19. this is definitely better than whatever ass anime clash is 😭

  20. Anime clash did terribly it's very buggy

  21. Can we stop comparing games to anime adventures, cz they never are. There was only one and it's gone..

  22. I feel like this is gonna be a aa alternative

    Edit: no can can beat aa

  23. Damn AA deleted rly have the same effect as Roger's execution

  24. why are people drooling over effects when 90% of the players have them turned of because they can't see shit?

  25. Instead of trying somthing new out niggas keep doing tower defense since aa died

  26. Do a video about champions tower defense it comes out in 3 days

  27. AA has no replacement. Even if it was massively P2W, the graphics, visuals, and mostly the vibe it gave made it THE anime tower defense game. o7, i liked to play it

  28. i hope killing the enemies feels "responsive" like it did in AA, all the new games feel just different when it comes to npcs, i dont know how to describe it…

  29. why does their discord doesn't work on mine

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