THIS NEW BUG LET YOU CHANGE YOUR TOWER LOADOUT! | Tower Defense Simulator (Roblox) -


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  1. this is actually really good for like only hardcore

  2. why you upload this video,it still a useful bug and now the dev will patch the bug :(((((((((

  3. Wow i have been abusing this bug for a long time and thanks to this guy the devs gonna fix this

  4. i've only ever used it to correct an entirely different bug lmao

  5. I alr know about this and have been using it for badlands II


  7. I remember using this bug a long time ago to get the Farm that I had forgotten to get

  8. How the hell do you get those skins on cyromancer and accel πŸ’€

  9. What is the music in the background

  10. It also work on Public Server if you have bad Internet and open the inventory before the rejoin Match appear
    And yes it work
    for me atleast
    Found it by accident lol

  11. I sometimes encounter this but it's different, like i changed my loadout but when i join a match it changes back like it wasnt ever changed

  12. Exploiters:this information is worth millionsπŸ—ΏπŸ·

  13. If you got no friends then you can't to this

  14. Actually this is a old bug and i have been using it for a while now since lunar overtune event and xmas 2023 lol and im still playing the game πŸ™‚

  15. "Oh wait i forget to change my loadout"
    "Ok im back with the loadout"

  16. Nah bro you really did post it nahπŸ’€

  17. Speaking of which, I noticed that they haven't updated the rejoin dialog box yet.

  18. There another bug i triumphed Hardcore twice and didn't receive the gems twice πŸ™

    Edit: i wasted 2 45 minutes time of my life just to get nothing

  19. Now we only neeed that one glitch the ogs know of

    I’m talking about the one where you can stack your towers on top of eachother by standing on them

  20. To be a homemade chocolate cake would be the sweetest dream come true, I would be the star of every party, the object of everyones affection. People would gather around me, their eyes sparkling with anticipation! As they take their first bite, a chorus of satisfied size would fill the room. My rich, moist crumb would melt in their mouths releasing a burst of flavors that would make their heart sink.

  21. Remember you can place op expensive tower in the beginning?

  22. we are getting banned with this one😊

  23. This bug won't happen ever again if TDS saved the loadout while you're STARTING the match, not the loadout that's the same on the lobby. This will make players changing loadout while rejoining useless since it won't get saved on their current match.

  24. Question: Can you still upgrade and sell towers that you placed before but no longer have in your loadout?

  25. Solo hardcore with all tower in tds is real

  26. We used this bug on hardcore to change the skin of accel because it was broken

  27. This video so good i'm not gonna like it, that would attract more fuss cuz of the Youtube algorithm.

  28. Fun fact, this has always been there it’s that no one really noticed

  29. Don't replicate this bug if you don't want to get banned

  30. After lunar overture event game used to call "Bug Defense Simulator"

  31. Bro I've done that so many times before this video

  32. I hope below don't fixed that op bug😊

  33. It works without vip but with a different strategy which is easier then most of the people think

  34. I already knew about this πŸ’€ am i now screwed??? i used it like 3 times

  35. I tried this but it didn’t worked now it does?

  36. Bruh i was thinking to do that when violent night even came outπŸ’€

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