This NEW anime tower defense game is interesting... | Anime Defenders -

This NEW anime tower defense game is interesting… | Anime Defenders

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  1. Bru you Roblox avatar is doing black face

  2. "Hands up before I start throwin' hands!" ahh mask

  3. Please next jujutsu shenanigans vid please use this idea: get as much people as you can in a public server and use megumi to break into domains and raid the domains killing the people inside

  4. Bro I got almighty on my Pink Rockstar 😭. And i don’t have any rrs left.

    EDIT: They should make a sacrifice thing where u can transfer traits/stats like AA

  5. can you play locked again? (the blue lock game that you played)

  6. get a new pc brody ur aot vid also got corrupted it might be ur pc

  7. u should check if u have a virus if your files keep getting corrupted.

  8. Fade failing to pronounce words that aren’t even hard to pronounce will never not be funny 😂

  9. “Empty the compartments of your pantaloon!” Ahh mask

  10. Anime Last Stand is better in my opinion

  11. I think i changed fade and made him wear that studip ahh mask

  12. PLEASE PLAY Untitled Combat Demo Rework PLEASE!

  13. Fade please give me early access at jjs😢

  14. Bro really said"hey look🤓all my friends are playing anime defenders! 🤓i wonder why? Is it that good? Lets keep up with the trend🤓"

  15. "Holon im playing jujutsu shinanigans rn igedeadadeadedaga FU-" – fade

  16. Give me all the energy and power! Ahh mask.

  17. Yo bro can you try attack on titan freedom war

  18. any1 wanna trade their mythics/secrets for 4 blox fruit mythics?

  19. do we talk abpit fade lookin like a lookin ahh robber or are we gon talk about how it doesn't fit hes face much-

  20. Fade, i dare you to play awtd (anime world tower defense)

  21. "im the original gangster in this street" ahh mask

  22. too lazy to level them up to max oh well, lets see if they sell on the raid update

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