This Infamous 3 Peon Tower Rush Makes Opponent Laugh - Grubby -

This Infamous 3 Peon Tower Rush Makes Opponent Laugh – Grubby

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You may have seen my defense against an oppo claiming he could beat me with only 3 peasants… But have you ever seen a 3 Peon 3 Towers rush? Let’s get to it!

This Infamous 3 Peon Tower Rush Makes Opponent Laugh (Game played on 5-April-2023)

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  1. Hmmm i remember about d berserker😕😕 what do u think about d master warlock?😕

  2. Remember dragons 4 samurai sacrifice🥰🥰 wd that

  3. Bdw grubby😕 wre r ur old videos?? Years r just numbers cant forget those pictures back then

  4. Can.use infinite tsukuyumi also😕

  5. Bdw i was one of ur die hard subscrybr GG

  6. I started playing warcraft when i was 13 or 14🤣🤣

  7. Meh it's just playing dirty, I would just stacks structures in your way and go find your farming

  8. I admire your life philosophy.
    In this particular case – about what you tell about "reading news", also other things like "just do it", "don't be afraid to lose/make mistakes", "have fun because life is short".
    Also I like how calm you react to setbacks, without griefing opponents.

  9. I love 6the reading the news metaphore

  10. My god I never realized how similar these peons' voices sound to Oney's Mr. Bean voice

  11. 0:43 i just realised that i played this game over 12 years ago 😅
    It was fun but i probably got.tilted and quit it😂
    Otherwise o dont see i could forgot that i played such a shitty visual game

  12. OMG you still can not play the refunded? Hwat a waste of human resources!
    Love your love of Warcraft3. Rlly WC needs AoE standard of love.
    f bobby

  13. i only played WC 1 and 2, SC 1 and 2…

    This was my first WC3 match i ever seen and i wasnt disappointed! Really cool

  14. Is og WC3 worth playing after they retro some changes from Reforged?

  15. When i played with wc3 this was the reason i stopped playing ranked.1v1 up to 4v4 just build towers and 3 hero cancer was the meta and it became so boring. They just built a forest of towers through the full map , damage reflection dealt with all units over time and heroes were used vs any siege attempt. I still love the game but gamers killed the soul of the game.

  16. I usually saw this with Humans when I was pretty new to the game back in the day.

  17. Opponent will laugh untill……….. Whoisyourdaddy?

  18. Seems like one of the towers should be a burrow for economy amd to burrow peons in event he does attack towers?

  19. A beautiful allegory for not reading the news.

  20. Beside Grubby's excellent game play, I love his interpretation of the game. The analogy between getting tower rushed and reading gloomy news are so relatable. It taught me game and life lessons at the same time.

  21. Grubby got erm akshully by an actual star wars nerd got dang

  22. 7:58 "You know what this is a symbolism for?"
    Me: looking at the farms

  23. 121 people who disliked this got rekt by the 3 Peon rush

  24. all this n00blyat needs to do is just send his army to your base and kill you, lmao

  25. Just found out they remastered this game (a few years ago now looks like).
    Loved watching 4kGrubby play.

  26. Probably the best tower cheese i ever had done to me is they built.towers to annoy me and box me in, but they had 1 or 2 peons chop down trees and tbey slowly built a path to my gold mine, and they built.towers behind a treeline so i couldnt see them, then they ran some peons into my base and the towers started killing my workers.

    I've also seen this work with night elves

  27. When he said "WTF LOCKING ME IN LIKE AN ANIMAL" I lol'd so hard

  28. opponents laughed, but Grubby is the last men Laughing 😀

  29. 3:55 20 years later, after all those patches, the Murlocs still have their fucked up shield textures with squared black corners.

  30. Even as an amateur at the game, I believe I know that the best counter to it is to, well, ignore it, to not feed the troll and go after their defenseless base.
    This try hard, though.😹

  31. i dont play this like chess i play this as counter-strike

  32. The reason why the news doesn't affect you much is cause they lie through omission. Most of what they actively say is either total crap or not relevant but keeps you entertained, while they purposely hide the truth that matters because it makes you FEEL negatively (especially if it's related to the government)

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