this game COPIED tower defense simulator.. | ROBLOX -

this game COPIED tower defense simulator.. | ROBLOX

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tower defense simulator has come a long way from tower battles, i found a roblox tower defense game that is very similar in some aspects, but also very different in gameplay and other ideas. it is very cool and over all i enjoyed the game, it does have some original aspects, unlike tds when it first came out.

hey guys u can become a member now:


  1. Honestly it’s completely fine if they copied TDS because Tds copied tower battles

  2. The minigunner and scout cost less than the mini and scout in tds

  3. this is a game i played before i played tds

  4. Lol tds copied tower battles base defense copied tds logic

  5. Me: cool I wanna play it. also me: WHY IS THSI EXPIERIENCE PRIVATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. the cheap copy (base defense) of the cheap copy (tds) of the original game (tower battles)

  7. All they did with the mini gunner in base defense was copy shot gunner and get him a mini gun

  8. Cant forget you copied TB they just have inspiration like you guys did!

  9. The 1st game that copied tds

  10. This game copy this game the other one to this game copy this game every thing is copy and pasted

  11. 4:26 looks like the upcoming TDS map and also looks like tower battles map

  12. He did not do anything bc eye contact is the ultimate power

  13. Wdym that game is not copy tds, it just copy all the games that tds had copied

  14. I might have been getting T D S models only cuz I don’t know blender yet and I have no skills on it and I use other models. I might pay T D S for access of these weapons.

  15. Is funny that people hate that tds got copied but they don't realize that tds it self was plagiarism from Tower battle🗿

  16. Base defence was a game i played before.. before you and it was no like this it was way better than now

  17. the thing is that tds copied tb and now there is a copy of tds?

  18. me: how is it legal that tds copied the ENTIRE tb almsot

  19. I laugh when the robot bounch at the base

  20. Do you want me to donate to be a tank supporter? Ima lready subbed

  21. the harder the game the more bot there are if you beat imposable you get gunslinger

  22. After 7 month later, we can joke about flamethrower being a brother of executioner


  24. That karma for copying Tower Battle below natural

  25. Play retro tds it's the old tower defense sim

  26. bruh the iperator from sovier russia

  27. It’s not always a copy, it’s just a fan made, inspiration, or full coincidence

  28. I've never played base defense before but by the looks of it. It looks like a copy of tds

  29. tds copied tower battles and tower battles copied btd6

  30. Nos tds copied The other tower defender game

  31. Hi, John would you like to do a video with admin commands? I am a moderator for Base Defense who got admin commands from the owner.

  32. Play newbie tower defense the turret is OP

  33. Lucas | YT ( My Tablet ) ( Galaxy Object Cosmos ) says:

    Bot 10 striker is also thick like the walking animation of umbra

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