THIS ENEMY IS OP! can kill Your Tower : Universal Guardians (Tower Defense) - Roblox -

THIS ENEMY IS OP! can kill Your Tower : Universal Guardians (Tower Defense) – Roblox

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  1. i like how the engineer died but the sentry was still made

  2. I could imagine 5 mechanics spanning healing station

  3. This is one of the biggest tds ripoffs from the classic area 51 event

  4. What loadout should i use for normal mode? (Am a noob soo give me tips)

  5. wdym kill???? towers dont die they got stunned till the wave ended then regen in the next wave

  6. idk the name but there is a boss using deagle and killing my tower bruh its so annoying

  7. I wish tds has these cool features, sad that tds is so plain and boring right now

  8. suggetion: mecha unit spawned by enginner if another enimy is around a mecha suit will be added to that enimy giveing it 50% defence and auto regeniration

  9. Can i ask you, How did shock didnt needed to charge after kiling 1 enemy?

  10. Only mechanic's turrets from tower blitz who can't be killed by anything

  11. this feels familiar, anyone remember summer 2019?

  12. this game kinda cool but it just a copy of td game again except it got health on it :/

  13. Raider boss's note: everyone i got hired in a new game called "Universal Guardians" im starting a new life now….

  14. I'm sad that I cannot play the game due to crash when I play the game I guess I will never play it in laptop ofc even tho I'm a pre alpha player and I like the game a lot.

  15. After all the narrator did say engi was a extremely smart bein so it makes sence

  16. Bro mechaine copy plants vs zombie gw2 dr.zombie heal ability

  17. Hey itz sweaking a bot in the pgtd group wall spam subscribe to itzsweaking for 999k coins dont trust me scroll down in the group walll

  18. if below add enemy can kill tower on fallen like templar
    what will happend

  19. if u hear closely to the lobby ost
    it actually has a cool song

    dont tell anyone that its actually a rickroll

  20. The tower finally stand outside of the road to not get hitted

  21. holy this this game looks really good, i tohught its not the game for me because i definitiely wont like if enemeis killed my towers but how good it is makess me want to make an exception

  22. Me when the Bois tried this game: bruh that sucks tds and rtds is better

  23. one of the most annoying enemy I've ever seen

  24. Woah, last time i played this game it didn't look like this, the overhaul really made this game so cool.
    I'll go play it rn!

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