This BOOSTER Unit *BREAKS* Toilet Tower Defense -

This BOOSTER Unit *BREAKS* Toilet Tower Defense

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This BOOSTER Unit *BREAKS* Toilet Tower Defense
I showed how to unlock new booster dj tv man to break toilet tower defense easily! This was fun and insane!

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  1. Bro was bullying the toilets 😂

  2. I think they copied pet simulator 99… it’s alright

  3. Tedwa pls i want a dj tv plss me my user is shsieiwj7 pls me

  4. 😮😮😮 me i want dj tv

  5. Sadly it got patched the stacking 🙁

  6. Tbh these kinds of videos annoy me so much cuz then the devs will see it then nerf whatever the unit is then it’s not really fun is it

  7. Wait Isn't ShotGun Cameraman is just basically elf camerawoman?

  8. Yo t3dwa pls me i really want a good unit

  9. Yoo tedwa I'm a big fan can I have a dj tv man pls, btw Ur videos are so good keep going this is my user Mr_JD345 hope u notice

  10. You my favorite YouTuber, please give me units spare

  11. Guys can someone of you guys can give me a unit I got hack so I don't have any please I appreciate it if you give me 😢 user is my_namesis0

  12. please give me some unit shots cam bro please

  13. Don't forget about your crazy fan girl always felt love with you

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