the WORST roblox tower defense games.. -

the WORST roblox tower defense games..

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tower defense games but i find the worst ones i can and try them out


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  1. John roblox sucks, He slanders games that he only has played for one minute. tbh hes just going for content at this point.

  2. people who are getting butt hurt over 3 small things he said yall just need to cope

  3. Hi john, noticed you don't play criminality that much anymore. Was wondering if you will make a new video on the new 2.0 update anytime soon? Love the content and keep it up

  4. Even though i'm tried as hell of WTD, i can still respect it for actually differing from most TD games, and giving you an actually interesting experience outside of the sea of soulless husks that are called "td games". It pains me to see him play so little and act the way he did, and while it is somewhat understandable considering WTD has little hand-holding, it still should not excuse his behavior to WTD and the other games throughout the entire video. 2/10. Not enough salt.

  5. you're playing World tower defense WRONG, it's not meant to be played by yourself also you chose casual and it's the equivalent to a hard mode you should instead play on PAINLESS mode as it's equivalent to a normal mode. This game is also very unique as there is no path and very different styled. (side note this really hurts the view point for TDX as it shows TDX probably will be like every other tower defense game and not unique).

  6. Can you shout out me and can I do a dare I dare you only using scout to win fallen no golden

  7. Technically he has every right to compare these games as tbh there all somewhat the same quality. Sure WTD is pretty setup but it looks like it was made in 2008 and not everyone could be a fan of the different gameplay and used to classic tower defence mechanics. If the game requires 4 people to beat a round and is unavailable to do solo but still has the option to play solo, john has every right to hate on it because yes, that’s unbalanced. I do think he could have gave it a little more time but I understand both opinions.

  8. That wtd run was an issue of skill become back my money momen

  9. Wtd is fine the old version was better tho

  10. Oyyy man go play crim is good now and try the new gun and hammer

  11. hello there john i a big fan and love your videos

  12. I used to think WTD is a bs game before I started the learning experience through trial and error. Once I did, I started to appreciate the uniqueness it brought to the table and that the "bs" are actually fair once you learn how to deal with them. Clearly this is a half baked review that shouldnt be taken for any reason lol

  13. People are all flaming you at WTD …
    Redemn yourself by beating Arduous then

  14. play toy defense again the game got a full released

  15. Wtd sucks!!!
    Him basicly doing everthing u should not do

  16. You looked at my friend's zhizunlintian

    company, and the simplest difficulty is painless. Don't give a bad rating just by losing once

  17. Oh no guys! People hating wtd beacuse they got Corotdsvirus or known as COVITDS-19 They are beain soo lazy!! Even worse. 30% of people who just played wtd (and new) Can't even know where the shop is!!

  18. oh no the Comment section is full of war1!1 i think he not gonna upload video for 6 months…

  19. Criminality got update make an video about criminality man

  20. Pepole trying to defend wtd vs pepole trying to defend john

    I cheer wtd unfortunately

  21. After u already progress in WTD is becoming so funny

  22. Fun fact you can get noob fighter from that very trash game he played

  23. John Roblox's comment section swarming him with reasonable reasons of why wtd is good:

  24. จิรายุ เคนบุปผา says:

    Truly wtd had less only 77% likes because the game is super hard and stressed. It requires a "true" strategy (also, typical td is just a joke, I guess)

  25. Eu sei que você não sabe bem a lingua dos brazileiros….mais eu vir fala que seu canal e muito bom e deveria começa a fazer video da criminaloty roblox são muito bons os videos e eu queria me yornar tipo developer do roblox ou admin já tentei fazer isso varias vezes mais eu sei que não vo consigue por que provavelmente eu irei ser banido por 100000 DIAS…… 1:58

  26. You should try world defenders tower defense it’s o one of my favs I’ve played it for 4 years

  27. Play toy defense but for a better more balanced game play its knock off toy soldiers

  28. Hey john, there is a fan-made tds game mode called all out mode attack in the tds fanmade content wiki


  30. You know, you could have put more time into the game; rather than ONE PLAY. That way you can get the feel for it a bit more, perhaps?

  31. You guys know this video is satirical right? (At least I hope lol)

  32. I love how he doesn't get the joke of the TTDG…

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