The Ultimate Solo Meta Team.. (New Meta!) | Ultimate Tower Defense -

The Ultimate Solo Meta Team.. (New Meta!) | Ultimate Tower Defense

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  1. Your videos are the best in ultimate tower defense

  2. 2 of my accounts got hacked

  3. I
    Hi I live your vids so so sos so much man your the best

  4. Im gonna guess wave 85 700 million dmg and idk if you did this challenge yet but maybe common – divine units only meaning you only equip common, uncommon, etc

  5. didnt see the upload so im not as early 🙁

  6. Can u please make a vid ranking all godlys, and a vid using oñly Tokyo ghoul units please

  7. I need help. I have black beard, Whiz and Jotaro but my friend has white beard. Who is stronger

  8. You should do 1 tower from each rarity starting with uncommon

  9. Can u pls do a video of leadboard run on Ruby palace it would be so fun to watch especially when u bring a lot of people

  10. i like how you post like 5+ vids everyday, you are the best man, i really appreciate it!

  11. Your run wont appear on the lb if it isnt ruby palace insane

  12. Wave 89 749 million damage

    Edit: skipped to the end to see stats and OMG I WAS SO CLOSE

  13. bro I’m so happy he is one of the only people that actually do UTD again he makes me happy and inspires me everyday!

  14. Bb instead of toga and a drago instead of wb

  15. I think you made a small mistake. You can replace Bulma for Blackbeard, as Blackbeard will give you a lot of money and you'd get the agony effect. You could probably stretch a couple more waves if you brought Blackbeard instead of Bulma.

  16. fun fact : you can upgrade any shenran in any mode you just need to press E (while shenran is flying) until get a shenran logo in a midleof a map. BTW i think i am first person to ever updraded a shenran.

  17. I think wave 65-70 and like 250m dmg

    I was so wrong

  18. I watched one vid witch is this one and its good so I subed

  19. I said wave 91 and 673M damage. Do i win?

  20. Instead of 3 wb do 2 and put black beard instead of a wb

  21. I love your ass😂😂😂😂😂 kidding

  22. The wave is 75 and the damage is 89 million

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