The Ultimate Flash Game Tier List -

The Ultimate Flash Game Tier List

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Greet. Today we’re looking at flash games.

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  1. A moment of silence for the sonic x final fantasy flash games


  2. Not bad, but watch this! MySSS tier: Commando 2, Mechanical commando 2, Sonic rpg series, Plazma Burst series, Red Code 3, Hobo series, Mad Monday, Obama Alien Defense, Tank 2010, Guns'N Angel, Thunder Devil, Momentum Missile Mayhem series, Whack your Boss/girlfriend, Fireboy and Watergirl.

  3. Please do a Battlefield 1 tactic tier list.

  4. Please tell me there’s someone that knows about the gun mayhem series

  5. Not mentioning road of the dead is outrageous

  6. Does anyone know this game? It was a 2D browser dungeon crawler with a stamina system. The more you moved one space at a time. When out of stamina, you could no longer move. It started you on a snow map killing rats, and the next map was a desert with goblins. There was a lot of guilds some with Final Fantasy names. I remember playing it after I got bored of Adventure Quest.

  7. Naaah where's the last stand series best flash games lol

  8. Ssf2 (super smash flash 2) is the best game ever. Ssssssssssssss tier

  9. The hot dog president one was cool too

  10. One game I loved was chaos faction, my cousin and I spent hours beating the game over and over again.

  11. Kinda wish the moto x3m series was on here. I 3 stared all of them.

  12. Just here to tell you that you are a bad person for that thumbnail. Worlds hardest game was peak, we even had my 5th grade math teacher addicted to it, and we would play on the projector.

  13. Still didn't watch the video but I'm trying to find a game I remembered all of sudden. It was one about a kind of mage who had to rescue a princess? So through the game you had to fight npcs and solve puzzles by using different staffs (fire, thunder, wind?)

  14. You can probably find all these completely playable on the Flashpoint archive. It's got all kinds of stuff.

  15. N got a downloadable free sequel called N+ and a full-release sequel called N++ which I highly recommend.

  16. Theres one flash game i always wanted to play but it doesn't do anything when i open it on flashpoint, its called mini dash and i was wondering if you could play it somehow or tell me how to if you know.

  17. He didnt call out the one dude with orange pants running against spiders!

  18. Age of War music is just unrivaled. You can play that banger everywhere and you know youre hitting the nostalgia drivers from anyone in range

  19. 8:38 alt ending to learn to fly 1

    If you are high enough you go over the iceberg and hit the dodo bird that insulted you (unless im an idiot and am thinking of ltf2)

  20. I remember playing a game the was a QTE kinda game, i can not remember the name. All I remember is that you play as this stick figure guy with dreadlocks who has “ scorpion spear” like weapon. And you are in a desert/ wasteland environment, you break into facility full of traps and.. robots. Maybe 🤷‍♂️. Plus I think the character’s name was something like Kade, or Kain.. lol there were multiple games that were set as story

  21. Seigius, age of war, stickman war, Henry sticmin series, Burrito bison were awesome

  22. "it's the only game that let's you assault President Bush"

    Honey, sweet summer child, not only is that untrue, they used to have playable ads for beating that guy in particular up…. And Osama.

  23. How dare you shit talk cut the rope that was my child hood

  24. Bro really did our poor boy Om-Nom dirty, that games AT LEAST high B tier

  25. If anyone remembers Legend of the Void you a real one

  26. Power Pamplona and Stickman that fight other stickmans that i dont remember the name were great

  27. Dude I played alot of these games but they are all reskins. The learn to fly was a guy in a porta-potty building plane and raft wars was actually penguins

  28. what about the Swords and sandals game series? :c

  29. Was convinced that the SSS tier was saved up for swords and sandals

  30. You have duck life as c tier? Are you braindead?

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