The Tower Defense is REAL! Forged in the Barrens Review #8 | Hearthstone -

The Tower Defense is REAL! Forged in the Barrens Review #8 | Hearthstone

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‣ Edited by: jnZaneHD
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  1. sooo either stealth spellpowers combo or 10 mana stealth 10 maybe 20 to hit face… ya…only control deck …:P

  2. I don't even play this game anymore, I just enjoy the mad ramblings of this crazed value seeker.

  3. …turn one far watch post turn 2 mana wraith turn 3 watch post turn 4 mana wraith then see the person scream and quit frustrated

  4. Big brain play: put south sea scoundrel in a wild bomb warrior deck

  5. Also, it said in the text of Crossroads Gossiper, "After a friendly Secret is REVEALED" which means when your opponent uses Flare to destroy your secrets, it gets revealed. So I don't know how this works.

  6. man I can't wait for Trump's deck with Kazakus and some 4 drops in it because they're "too good not to include". Just like his "singleton" decks

  7. 15:40 If the mor'shan watch post summons 2/2's then rally will probably summon those instead of the far watch post

  8. If Kazakus is good, control or any deck that draws a lot may run him with other 4 drops like non highlander decks could run Zephrys

  9. “3 is the magic number that follows 2”


  10. I think we can argue that Hog Rancher is even better than SI:7, given that SI has the combo condition

  11. Dragon explorer 2/3 discover a dragon Scorpion Infinity/3 discover a spell. Seems legit

  12. It's like my yearly pilgrimage to this channel whenever there's a new hearthstone set. Can't wait till the star reviews come up with the new core set

  13. Yo who thought it would be a good idea to have a fucking WEEK STRAIGHT of nothing but card reveals and no actual interesting gameplay? This shit sucks.

  14. Does southsea scoundrel reshuffle a pokelt stack??

  15. 13:13 This sequence is exactly what happened with Kripp during one of his games. He even had the warrior cleave weapon and it only killed the 2/1 the opponent's secret spawned and he ended up buffing his opponent's minions three times.

  16. this is literally the most boring champion in hearthstone's history

  17. Oh no, moment's of this video are so very terrible and so very horrible.

  18. Forged in the barrens or as it could otherwise be known: "The Devs rolled horde in classic wow when they made this one."

  19. The only good aggro deck is a defeated aggro deck.

  20. Random question. Can all the names of these cards be linked to characters in WOW or are they now just named with the lore in mind. I dont mean legendaries but like Oasis Thrasher

  21. You're giving the enemy a card with Scoundrel. That is 100% a downside. You've spent 4 mana already, so odds are the enemy will get to use their card first.

  22. regarding kazakus, it's not 50 percent it's (1/6)+(1/5)+(1/4) which is 61.3 percent

  23. South sea is super strong in a hyper control meta . You add a piece of removal to your deck you didn’t otherwise have, while also decking them -1. Alternatively you get another big threat testing their removal further. I don’t think the meta will become control versus control so it won’t work.

  24. The death rattle cost reduction card is good.

  25. anyone else think we'll see a lot of hyena in arena? it's better than a 2/3, and doesn't die to vilefiend, so it seems like a really solid pick

  26. Since it keeps coming up, for control/slower decks is it not worth adding in Kazakus alongside other 4 drops since you can expect to draw a few of them by the time you need kazakus. I’m thinking similar to the highlander decks that would run one or two cards in duplicate and simply waiting on drawing them before using the highlander payoff cards

  27. Venomous scorpid has the same stat as magic the gathering Giant scoprion

  28. How did it take me this long to realise the background is partially animated?

  29. Hog Rancher is really bad compare to other 3-mana cards that can deal damage.

  30. I like this new expansion and recent hs changes, it kind of feels as if we were back to the roots of what made hearthstone good 🙂

  31. If I don’t really play hearthstone much so I don’t have many cards, what’s the best way to get into this expansion? I want to play murloc shaman!!

  32. Trump needs "to" practice "how" to "use" "air quotes". He "tends" to use "them" a lot

  33. Seeing a lot of these neutrals, I'm kind of hoping they pushed the power level of them so even they were playable. Since a whole lot of the original neutrals in the core set have been basically fully outclassed

  34. I have a deck idea for the new Druid card Celestial Alignment, what if you play Twig of the World Tree and bring it down to 1 durability, then on the following turn, play Celestial Alignment and break your twig, in theory you should have 10 full mana crystals and (hopefully) a hand full of expensive stuff making sure you win. Pls let Trump see this.. 😁

  35. Gold Road Grunt –> How does the interaction work with Commanding Shout+shield slam? Do you get 6 armor or do you double your armour?

  36. 11:45 Is that SI7 Agent's red cape blowing in the breeze outside his portrait?
    …looks closer…no.

  37. 7:11 sadly that's the big flaw of the card.
    If you don't have many 4 drops, you'll just play Kazakus. But if you have many 4 drops, you probably don't want to add a 4 mana "filler-y" type card that's not really doing anything for your deck strategy (given you don't even know what you'll get).
    Would've been a lot more interesting as a 3 mana 4-4.

  38. 0:02 It's time for the NEW TROLLS!
    (LOL now you can't un-hear that)

  39. I wanna do an annoying combo where you try to get a few Far Watch Posts out at a time and then like Prize Vendor a couple times and make all their cards cost too much

  40. Initiate and scorpid are completely insane in Arena

  41. Southsea Scoundrel can choose which card of the enemy's you want to mill.

  42. What if the opponent Has 10 cards in Hand Then i play southsea scoundrel, would that burn the card that i chose….

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