The Tower - 5 tips and tricks for beginners (Idle Tower Defense) -

The Tower – 5 tips and tricks for beginners (Idle Tower Defense)

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In this video, I go over 5 short tips and tricks for beginners in “The Tower”. These are a few things that I wish I had known as soon as I started playing. Anyways, enjoy!



  1. The games too long winded how can you keep starting again seems useless

  2. I just started and wanna hnlock power stones but i cant get past wave 52

  3. i just unlocked thorn, can't beat waves 28 before that but now i'm at 70 lol
    my build was just 7% defense, 25% thorn and all in defense absolute

  4. Thank you for the vid, very well made, especially for 71 subs🎉🎉🎉

  5. Wow .. thx, the first 4 tips where "useless" for me but the defense tip was so helpful .. I am playing just for 3 days or so and got nearly to lvl 59. With absolute defense stage 110 was in the bank

  6. So what's the difference between defense absolute and health? It seems redundant to me.

  7. I beg to differ as
    1. If you kill something fast then it can't hurt you
    2 you shouldn't go for defence early as if you can't get rid of enemy's you still get attacked and killed
    3 coin and cash bonus are VERY VERY helpful as, if you have them you buy yourself more time and more coins thus making you get coins

  8. Im hitting a wall around 110-145 pretty regularly, not even sure how i managed to get to 145 when 100-110 is a struggle for me sometimes unless ive just been pumping the crap outta my def and def ab. Even then their dmg starts scalling faster than i can pump my def. So i guess next is knockback? Idk

  9. How does the rate for cash and coin bonus work? Like what's the difference in coin income early on

  10. I just tried the absolute defense tip and it worked so thank you for the video

  11. 1. Death Ray is your No. 1 killer past Wave 2000
    2. Damage increase only if you can spare money/coins
    3. Full Laboratory for Research Prio1
    4. Max out pushback and attack speed, range asap
    5. past Wave 3000 on T1 you will see that it is nearly impossible to increase damage appropriately towards enemy HP pool. Thats why focus on % defence and Death Ray. Even with super crit and all damage adds available you will not kill anything past wave 3000 unless you are already 20.000 Dollars into the game and researched all the stuff 🙂

  12. Maximize the 1st top 4 utilities first. Currently have a personal best highest wave of 2486 at tier 1, killed by a Fast.

  13. Also, i maxed out my utility upgrade – free attack upgrade and noticed that I was able to max out attack upgrades: super crit mult/chance (both maxes out: x9.20/20% respectively), (I have noticed these are the most expensive upgrades in the game so far).

  14. My current cards setup , currently at 12:
    Damage, Attack speed, health, health regen, cash, coins, enemy balance, extra defense, inner orb, plasma cannon, death ray, and energy net.
    Hope everyone really enjoys this game. Awesome YT channel, thanks for sharing.

  15. Love this game so much, have you played Lone Tower yet? It just came out.

  16. Later rounds, the only defense upgrades that matter are Life Steal and Health. The rest are worthless in those later rounds because the enemy's Attack will climb exponentially and the game limits you and so you will not be able to keep up.
    I recommend actually focusing on Attack Range and Attack Speed early on and the money improvements.

  17. I don’t understand. So you don’t get to play a game at all, you just buy different upgrades as the game itself. There’s no interaction you don’t get to fire or target or do anything, you don’t get to play a game?

  18. this is so fast but still so helpful
    also how do you play on pc?

  19. Truth is, in low run
    All you need is some
    1. cash/wave ,
    2.interest and interest/wave (be sure to reach the max interest before you max purchase upgrades)
    3. Defense absolute and defense %
    4. Very important, thorn damage at least 50%
    5. Health and lifesteal
    6. Some free upgrades to defense

    You really dont need damage, itll instantlu kill your enemies literally

  20. I’m afking this game by having a macro which just spam upgrades defence and defence %

  21. How long did it take you guys to get the death ray card??

  22. Only 2 things you need to upgrade. Defense absolute and thorn damage. Not attack spd, not attack dmg. Just those two. You're welcome

  23. Is this worth paying for the x3 coins/x2 coins/1.5 no ads in the store? Or can this be reasonably played without spending money. Personally paying $30-$40 on any single app game is retarded considering the price is comparable to a AAA open world game on steam or playstation. Thoughts?

  24. In the ad it shows levels, but I don’t see a level listed anywhere

  25. So i have a problem with the tower, im kinda far, but i needed to restart cuz i didnt save my game to the cloud. But now, i cant watch ads to get gems. It just says that i have intermet problems. But my internet is perfectly fine. I have contacted techtrees support, but it isnt really much of a help atm. I redownloaded the game, did a hard reset on my phone, emtied the chache like support said. Force stopped the game. Everything, how do i fix this? I appriciate every bit of help. I NEED MY GEMS

  26. I have a question, what about cash bonus, it talking about you gain more via all multiplier ? Does it mean you gain a lot points on those % ?

    I just started this game not too long. About a day ago. Still fresh.

  27. Health and thorns and lifesteal for bosses and knock back knockback chance and spedd for everything else the latter keeps mob enemys away and the former kills bosses that your damage cant take out

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