The Titan Rumbling On All Star Tower Defense -

The Titan Rumbling On All Star Tower Defense

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Today I do the rumbling event on all star tower defense.

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  1. i left the game after naruto 6 came out and i thought he was op and i come back to see this

  2. It’s been Years Now Noclypso can finally say Eren is meta Again

  3. can you help me get an box or just tell me atleast how to get airren??

  4. Man’s stoped the rumbling with the rumbling

  5. now i dont think i can find a proper team for this

    astd banned me for posting in animanga spoilers chat just because i typepd too long

    stupid bots

  6. The only reason i’m p,aying that game is because of aot

  7. Gonna be honest if gabs was in tower defense now that’s what I call the real rumbling

  8. What was the intro song when you were talking about eren?

  9. See usually i don’t like anime intros because they are always one anime but this dude has like all of my fav animes

  10. 3:23 no we're good no we're good no we're good NO WE'RE GOOD no we're good

  11. Whats the intro called I really liked it

  12. imagine if they brung black beard or ichigo

  13. anyone else remember his original intro that hit different i miss that

  14. Will the rumbling event (or the units in the rumbling event) ever come back?

  15. anyone notice that mikasa come in clutch

  16. Sadly im not there during the christmas even because my acc got banned and changed the password luckly i got it back but didnt make it the christmas event sadly and dont have legendary leader. 1 of my friend want to trade my shanks for madara but im stil not sure because in the future theres gonna be better units thats meta

  17. lol i saw the attack titan right there

  18. i thought the devs werent going to add motion but they did so noice

  19. only if obito or mihawk existed in this event

  20. HOLD UP how many waves in the event cause if u could place light then its gonna be EZ

  21. Bro that intro was cleaner then my search history 💀

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