The TDS Letter.. Tower Defense Simulator -

The TDS Letter.. Tower Defense Simulator

Jordan Stayt
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What do u think is in the letter?

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  1. I have a theory that a portal like that appeared in meta verse event will appear there

  2. Jordan: When is tds update?
    Me: in 10 seconds

  3. Noob:BELOW!!! The neighbors sleeping:LET ME SLEEP YOU

  4. To be honest the hacker is cooler than engineer

  5. I think it will end in December 2-3, 2021

  6. My dream is to get accel and u said ur giving away 5k robux so I really hope I win I’ll also donate to some of my friends if I win

  7. ofc the green scout turn into Infinite damage

  8. The update will never come cuz the devs are lazy

  9. insta subbed when phantom skins came

  10. Probably update at October which is halloween ah s### here we go again 6 months halloween i feel PAIN

  11. ภูมิพัฒน์ คุณารักษ์ says:

    I think john back

  12. Below Wrote: There's a new update, I hope you enjoyed!

  13. Pls give me robux i never get robux for the last 5 year

  14. Soon tds update take one year to make and game dead

  15. Uhh maybe engineer and hacker towers released

  16. Plot twist: below finally updated the game

  17. Wait the door, if we can glitch into it it might explain the letter

  18. i think the update will come in 2 years or more

  19. the next tds update should be arriving in 2061 cuz below is lazy

  20. Jordan Is the giveway live stream or you just pick the comments

  21. Now u can’t make menes about tower delay simulator BECUASE the update just came and he didn’t say anything so no delay just Normal tds

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