The Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense Game WTH IS THIS!?? 💀 | Roblox -

The Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense Game WTH IS THIS!?? 💀 | Roblox

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tower defense game just become more weirder now smh

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  1. Not expecting much from a tds addict to see a skibidi toilet game its like the dame thing both of the game sucks

  2. The fact that this has more players than TDS, Tower Heroes, Tower Blitz, Tower Battles is beyond me. This better die.

  3. Why do games like this are just a reskin of astd

  4. This is why he actually made it :pet sim was dying and his channel was gonna die to so thats why he made it

  5. I'm play is game and I'm enjoin but you re ready right!
    Literal the crator desbalanced the game totally but I'm respect you opinion but you need to respect my opinion too.

    (Don't hate me bru.)

  6. Hey it might not be that good but I like and it’s actually fun and all you need to do is grind and you will get to the fun stuff

  7. lmao i also found out about this game when my friend told me abt it. lootboxes of towers for a skibidi toilet td game is pretty ridiculous ngl since the only motivate for them is money since there are plenty of other types of game progressions strategies for a game which are more enjoyable for the player although less profitable. anyways i wish more people would make games just for fun 😮‍💨

  8. No like if you hate this guy skibidi toilet tower direness
    Is good

  9. บัววัง วงพิราด says:

    Atleast it was better than other skibidi toilet tower defense game

  10. Bruh if it was a cash grab evrytihg wud cost money

  11. played the wrong one theres another one better also it seems like you dick ride tds but idk

  12. Thank you for this other roblox td YouTubers agree and I have gave criticism through the creator’s newest video he takes inspiration from pet sim x for the gambling for kids mechanic plus the game’s quality is bad.

  13. To be honest, it’s not the best game but it’s out for like a month, so what do you want from developer and there’s only two developers

  14. The reason why he really made it was cause he saw that pet sim x was dying and he had two choices make a game that people will like or make his channel slowly die of popularity so he chose to make a game but then he saw that people liked skibidi episodes so he took advantage and made it to a tower defense game

    Nvm the game is kinda bad cause of the rng and the luck of it. Also thx for the 13 likes😁😁😁

  15. the only thing better about this game then tds is that they have frequent updates

  16. It doesn't matter as long as you're having fun playing it.

  17. Telanthric made the game because he said something along the lines of "I can't just sit there and watch PSX die, so I made my own game" hopefully that was helpful

  18. ItzSweaking Remember me from that fat duck having seizure video you made a year ago?

  19. itzsweaking i recommend you try out ttd (teapot tower defenders) it recently had its overhaul update and it looks awesome

  20. i like it cause it’s hard to get units instead of buying them with money, atleast these kinda games have a reason to play it after you get a lot of troops

  21. The one thing that makes me angey so mutch is the fact that you have to gamble 😢

  22. The other td games hight quality was a masterpiece and ment tp be a good td game but died to a low quality skibiti toilet game

  23. this game is evolving, just backward CUZ HE IS KEEP NERF TOWER AND BUFF TOILET

  24. Sad seeing universal guardians and floodgate get less then 5 players well cash grab gambling games like this get more then 10k player

    EDIT saw the owners update video and he added a robux crate for towers worst dev

  25. I'm found a good skibi toilet defend it better than toilet defend

  26. That game is cringe as sidiki Toilets trend is💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  27. Tbh its kinda Fun

    (Edit) If u wanna start a Fight come on Its my opinion anyways

  28. This game is actually fun when you get new troops

    And also like everyone who tried it the first time says it sucks, it's a new game that's why it's not good yet

  29. My grandpa could make a better td game than skibidi toilet defense even tho hes dead

  30. Atleast we gotta respect the game cuz it's somewhat good ig and some toilets has abilities and not just tanky ahh piece of toilet running around.

  31. that game sucks tbh, its just like anime adventure but skibidi toilet


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