The Removed & Unobtainable Skins|Tower Defense Simulator -

The Removed & Unobtainable Skins|Tower Defense Simulator

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Including the likes of the Hazmat Accelerator and Ninja Archer, these skins were removed… Or were they?

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  1. Accelerator does have a skin
    It was released in July 4th
    And yes, I know this video was made before that

  2. ninja archer? aw man i coudlve gotten that i have archer rn

  3. i got tycoon farm from 2019 ago since golden mode , john tower , freezer was op

  4. Fun fact: toy rocketeer has the same glitch as doughboy soldier.

  5. It’s a good thing I still have my tycoon farm skin

  6. Man I bet hazmat accel lvl 5 looked cool… but all we saw was t p o s e

  7. Mage accel: bruh

    (This is just a joke and I know its old TDS)

  8. I actuclly had The hazmat Accel but sadly it got removed

  9. please bring back platnium skins I grinded so long for those

  10. the same broken tower is Blue crook boss lol

  11. sad, i want tycoon farm

    also if you want to know the real op press read more

    Maxxed Accelerator + Commander + Electroshocker spam = op

  12. Aww the skins would've been so cool, especially ninja archer.

  13. What fram tycoon is unobtable wow I have this skin

  14. Out date beause accel have hazmat and mage skin

  15. if saiyan accelerator skin was a thing, would be pretty epic

  16. Me when first got tycoon farm: omg I want arcade skin not some tycoon
    Me and the tycoon farm in 2021: flex intensify

  17. Accel looks like it works for nuclear fallen king

  18. Ninja is best skin in the game, I wish I could have it for my archer..

  19. Откуда у тебя аксилилатор у меня в твоей деревне 45 уровень

  20. Даже Twitter вертолёт марте руки потом есть ещё 45 50 уровня нету у тебя ещё этот машинку ты ничем не отключайся Тебя как зовут

  21. damn i never realized that tycoon farm and railgunner ranger were rare i have them but I never knew they were unobtainable

  22. Honestly i just love flexing my christmas chair emote on people with the summer chairs eatin burgers in december

  23. Is it me or do the pants of the max hazmat electroshocker have hazmat accelerators original pants

  24. How is he still in the Halloween 2020 lobby? This video was just made in 2021 and it must be the frost invasion lobby

  25. what ever happened to the twitter skin for The Hunter???

  26. it was just standing there and t-posing means the hazmat accelerator is broken they wont added it forever unless it is fixed this is why they removed the skin

  27. Solar accel is basically it becuase it’s yellow
    Edit: yes I know this is before solar eclipse

  28. Accel has a skin called mage accel

  29. Tycoon farm is back but sadly its on deluxe crate(p2w crate)

  30. “The past” no skins “The Future” yes skins

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