The Random Unit Challenge On All Star Tower Defense -

The Random Unit Challenge On All Star Tower Defense

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Today I enter the infinite mode with random units.

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  1. Idk why people are saying Jotaro is better than Dio When he does about 2x his damage and can time stop to

  2. He said every naruto character trash guess what sasuke and minato beast cloak bro

  3. Noclypo: oh wait I don’t have air un-

    Frieza: Stop the cap

  4. This guy thinks he is sooo cool cuz he got robux and good units a new person if they had the movie naruto units they would not be weak the naruto characters are not bad and I now it is just a game but they are not bad

  5. Noclypso: All Naruto r trash
    Minato Chakra: Hello

  6. Noclypso:every naruto unit here is trash
    Minato Beast Cloak: are you sure about that

  7. Noclypso I need money for this team get bulma me: Thats convenient

  8. When u said that u didn’t have a hill unit me be like WHAT??!BIS ITS RIGhT THERE

  9. little did he know that frieza and rukia would get a 6 star version

  10. when Christmas update was still up and presents haven’t been revealed nor opened

  11. noclypso:all naruto units are trash

    me:you are trash

    for real your dumb to call naruto char weak to rot!

  12. i saw the thumbnail and lowkey thought they added six paths naruto

  13. Noclypso: omg this team trash

    Vegeta: you said WHAT YOU SAID BULMA TRAWH???

    Noclypso: i- I can explai–

    Vegeta: REEEEEE super saiyan kills*

  14. Omg this team sucks!

    Me grind my finger to try and get dio or any 5 star: Give it to me then

  15. Noclypso: Every naruto character in this game is trash
    Now: Naruto characters go brr

  16. Noclypso 1 year ago all Naruto character are trash
    1 year later all Naruto character are op

  17. Noc 2020: All Naruto units are bad
    Me in 2022: WHAT DID HE SAY???

  18. Imagine saying imagine getting pinned to get pinned 😉

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