the OLDEST tower defense roblox game.. -

the OLDEST tower defense roblox game..

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tower battles, tower defense x, whatever tower defense roblox game it may be are not the originals.. we go back a decade to the true original roblox tower defense game


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  1. "you want me to strip" dawg… ☠️☠️☠️

  2. Hey john record the new crim update

  3. There were several before tower battles, even an old element td game too

  4. Rlly quick question, are they adding gladiator in memorial day like for sale?

  5. класное видио, я делаю тоже по роблоксу

  6. I didn't watch this mf for over a year lol

  7. yo u should make one of those videos where you ban esp hackers lol

  8. There isn’t actually only 3 maps on the right and left gui sides are arrows click them

  9. He isn’t wrong about the minion gun looking tower lol

  10. what the- how is that game not copyrighted???

  11. Wow… atleast now I don't have TBZ fans complaining about other tower defense games copying TBZ because they have 2 paths

  12. "this game is the first to have two paths" tower blitz: am i a joke to you?

  13. the fact this was made one year after roblox was made is insane its older then me hmmmmm

  14. Play this tower defense called Aether Rush. It’s dead, but it’s very unique, the set path for enemies to get through is using old roblox maps and the towers, or soldiers can be moved

  15. i noticed that your new name is TDXiswinning and not TDSiswinning

  16. Catapult is from copy from plants versus zombies one

  17. still tryna get that spectrum in mecha cubes

  18. 2:56 No. Green Means Where They're Going To Spawn And Red Means Where They're NOT Going To Spawn

  19. The fact that any tower defense released is already been robbed by tds for "original ideas"

  20. The creator of the first game that you showed created the legend of the shattered rune one of the best RPGs in Roblox ever . It's broken nowadays.

  21. hey john! Can you tell below to bring back og map, for an og player only

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