The Next Big Anime Tower Defense Game Is HERE On Roblox -

The Next Big Anime Tower Defense Game Is HERE On Roblox

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Today Cxrsed and I will be checking out a new and upcoming TD anime game on roblox.

Join the game discord here!
The Game Link is here but it’s not out yet:

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  1. Yall sound like you were high asf making this video

  2. The game itself looks cool and its probably going to be a popular one too but every sound is from Battle Cats by ponos which means they just copied the whole audio to the game

  3. imo astd will last long because first the game is easy to play, like I mean in terms of graphics it wont be hard on potato PC, and yeah it's also an easy game, the gameplay itself is pretty chill like the enemies go slower than other td games where it's fast paced

  4. Lol the opening sound is the same as battle cats gacha opening no way

  5. Everything is fine, effects, animations, map, ui, gameplay, mechanics everything is perfect but the only thing that i want to make a little bit more intense and precise is make the health even more stronger. Example: If the enemy has 100health them the base supposed to have 1k Health so you have 10 chances to comeback and rearrange your unit positions. It’s better because you you surviving instead of killing all enemies and upset because one singular weak enemy can pass and destroy your base health. It’s way more intense so u can feel the essence of protecting your base instead of clearing the enemy. It’s satisfying to win when you see your base only has 100health from 1k earlier, it’s feel like relief because you almost die but you’re surviving and reposition and changes ur plan since this game from animation and effects is look intense so i hope they changes the mechanics of base health. They should changes it from level 1 have 100health then level 2 map have 200 health but the level 1 enemy only have 10 health so they have 10 chances. The second thing that i want to suggest and make the proper level of map instead of entering to a map just like tower defense simulator because those game is sucks, i dont even know which one is good because even easy is hard for a beginner, so i hope they have a proper map just like ultimate tower defense which is you need to level up first before unlocking the next stages map, it’s better so people can play the map over and over again instead of entering to a random map just like tower defense simulator. Make it more precise and accurate and make a level and stages, manual is better than automatic. I don’t need to recorrect some suggestions because afterall no one will read this and apply this so yea.

  6. Im just waiting for it to come out after watching cxrsed vid

  7. woah another mid anime tower defense game 😐

  8. astd is so dead I hope this game revives TD games

  9. in astd the enemies take dmg when the animation start but it is not bad bc if they take dmg when the animation finish if the enemy die the unit have to redo the animation

  10. This game has amazing potential and when they get a discord or smth and if they let us chose we want that be sick

  11. So cool. I think I'll try it besides playing Defi Warrior game

  12. it look like a astd copy but it still good, cuz i wanna game that almost look like astd and i can go back to noob without make an alt account and the graphic is better than astd

  13. Does anyone know the song for his intro it sounds fire

  14. They got the battle cats sound effect for when you win, and summon lmao

  15. This game looks as though it has a ton of potential one thing that I think should happen is they need too release this game at a good time and have there community be happy with it cause all the other tower defense games didn’t do that

  16. Making game balance is best i mean if its hard for new player should be hard stages for pro player and units should be balance compare to type like epic or legendary


  18. I can tell pvp will not be balance because of the blessing thing

  19. i had to debunk everyone in cursed video saying it would die lmao they are braindead this is way better check out my reasons on cursed vid

  20. im actually hyped for this one, i been waiting for a good game better than astd, and this…this looks 100 times better, the animation, the character details, the map, everything…🔥

  21. This game has nothing unique about it. Just popular for the fact it's anime.


  23. Can someone try to get the owner to make it console friendly so me and my friends can play it because I showed them the video and we all love it but we play console

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