The Most Unique Castle Defense Game I've Ever Played - Rogue Tower Gameplay -

The Most Unique Castle Defense Game I’ve Ever Played – Rogue Tower Gameplay

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Welcome to Rogue Tower! Today in Rogue Tower, we’ll be defending our castle against endless enemies in this unique rogue like tower defense castle builder.
Rogue tower rogue like tower defense castle siege invasion fort fortress
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  1. looks fun! 😀 I'd get it for $10 but for $20 I'll wait for a sale!

  2. Cant wait til they add multiplayer imagine doing this with 3 other people

  3. love how he peacefully ignored the chance to add 3 fortification and didn’t even consider it as existent 🙂

  4. This looks look like a game played on the phone

  5. I don’t know if this is allowed but someone else has done this game called retromation

  6. Either you are lying or living under a rock;.
    I can show you dozens.

  7. Mana bolts are OP. Eversince you got the mana siphon card, the waves became manageable. The 2 lost lives were because of the waves when you depleted your mana.

  8. I think some of the permanent upgrades are options you can get when you draw cards

  9. ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ ⁢ says:

    amazing channel and game but my god this video makes me feel like im watching a mobile gameplay ad of someone being unable to match 3 squares

  10. This video was rage inducing. Like almost every YouTube personality I see, no one stops to read anything. The plus on elevation is for damage and range. If he had read the tooltip in the upgrade menu for the weapons, he would have noticed every tower he unlocks has a different weakness/strength. The mortar tower is strong against armor, which he said he needed but had. If he had changed the priorities for targets on his mortar towers to armor, he would have got more use out of them. Not once did he even have a creature attack that had shields, so no reason to upgrade that. You can upgrade each tower individually if you want, like the tesla tower he had, by clicking the damage buttons in the tower menu. The houses give you more gold based on the level of the towers surrounding the house, as they level up, it gives you more. I don't mind people not knowing what is going on, but not reading what is in front of you, then passing off information in a manner that makes you sound like you are speaking from fact is mildly infuriating at the least.

  11. this game looks fun, they could had port it into the mobile

  12. If you play more of this there's a lot of things that are pretty OP: a good example is the Tesla. It seems really weak at the start but it hits really fast and if you manually level them up they do tons of damage. Anyone feel free to reply if you have the game and want any tips

  13. it reminds me of a game i loved called medieval castle defense on android that i played on the first samsung galaxy phone XD this game is extremely similar but in 3D

  14. Play more of this game!! Does the 282 thousand views say something different to you?? Please play more!!

  15. If you are losing health, why are you not adding towers? Obviously your defenses aren't enough

  16. Just purchased. I am going to give it a try.

  17. hold on hold on hold on… is this a td game that uses actual strategy?!? nani?!?

  18. After Dungeon Warfare, I just cant get into any other tower defense games… =( Wish I could find more like it

  19. damn… i have a strategy to beat single line 10 out of 10 times and thought, by now i know everything. i knew that the higher the tower is placed, the more bonus range it has, but bonus base damage? thats huge! need to test it to confirm if that applies to all towers or if its a hidden feature of the ballistas.

  20. This game looks freaking great

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