The Lost Towers of Tower Defense Simulator (The Hacker and The Engineer) - ROBLOX -

The Lost Towers of Tower Defense Simulator (The Hacker and The Engineer) – ROBLOX

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Where did these towers come from? Where did they go? And are they coming to the game sooner than you think???

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  1. The hacker tower does(a 30 buff on all the stuff like the the (dj(commander)(and other buffs inside one tower and spawns drones and the drones shoot at enemys and yeah he don't do any damge just because it would be to OP

  2. I think the hacker tower would have an ability to hack a zombies near the hacker tower and give random effects like fire freeze etc.

  3. Im thinking the hacker tower might follow beetrice from tower heroes and it might be a summoner

  4. I think the drones would be like little pursuits but it would do less damage an not cost robux

  5. when you say "where did he come from, where did he go?" all I can think of is "Where did he come from, where did you go?, where did you come from Cotton Eye Joe?"

  6. One like on this vid is on prayer for Harrison because his dad left him

  7. Accel : cost 2500 gems
    Mecha base : cost 5000 gems
    Hacker : cost 1000 gems
    Engineer : cost 1500 gems

  8. Late reaction but i'm hoping one of these will be a reward for beating this years halloween event.

  9. Nah it’s looks like a mini gunner it’s not engernirer

  10. 5 months later the towers is still no released lmao

  11. Can i just say. The hacker is 100% from watchdogs

  12. I think militant is a collab tower with arsenal lol

  13. I think Hacker is a support tower, at a certain level he summons drones that shoot

  14. Prediction: engineer can fix hunveees or truck when it passes by

  15. Engineer, leaked many times.
    Lost with no leaks of it doing anything

  16. i think that hacker will send drones like da helikopter and add buffs to nerby towers

  17. i dont think engineer & hacker arent coming, im sure they are abandoned

  18. The Hacker Tower can give Towers Hidden Detection for all Types of Towers and spawns Drones to warn Towers that there will be any kind of Enemy.

  19. engineer is back and i saw it on a leak

  20. I think hacker tower would be helpful, he is a “hacker” after all and he can create objects and weapons to assist the towers. and he can also create gadgets that CAN also sabotage the zombies and disable to zombie spawn for a couple of seconds (I know it will be too OP but this is what I think a hacker tower should do.)

  21. Little did he know he would have to wait untill the spring 2022 event

  22. Engineer: 2022 spring update

  23. Meanwhile in 2022: OMG THE ENGINEER IS FINALLY HERE

  24. I'm from the future and the engineer tower will release in the Easter 2022 event otherwise known as duck event which will be worth 4500 gems and is overpriced trust me man

  25. Who else is watching This when the engineer released

  26. This didn’t far too well at least the engineer bit

  27. I think hacker is coming, but it'll just take time.

    Engineer obviously just released.

  28. The hacker tower would might also act like Etienne from BTD 6.A tower that acts almost like the pursuit but it might be able to spawn more smaller drones like how Etienne works in BTD 6.

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