The Juggernaut VS The Railgunner.. Which Tower Is Better? | Roblox Tower Defense X -

The Juggernaut VS The Railgunner.. Which Tower Is Better? | Roblox Tower Defense X

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yeah.. i spent so much time for this video.
expect some great news..

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  1. If nightmare mode ever comes out the boss will have atleast 500k+ or 400k but multipler X is there aswell so i just say get both cs both combined would be like 28k which u can get if u do a gold grinding strat for a few days and its easier then just playing normally but jugg is way better to get first because its better overall then railgunner which has only two purposes bottom path is boss annihilation but top path is for killing high hp enemies that are fast like armored runners or enemies like smasher

  2. The fact he soloed that makes me feel like I suck

  3. I just got too last wave of elite and it bugged out I have lowest graphics and low vfxs mode. 😭 only in tdx 😭

  4. Do you think grinding for rail is worth it? I already have jug so im wondering if i should get the pair. nice vid BTW ❤❤❤

  5. Railgunner is worth it for nightmare mode because john stated that it had common tower deaths so juggernaut cant take the boss and railgunner had more hp than juggernaut

    If you guys dont agree your ignoring that future bosses can easily kill juggernaut in just one or two hits

  6. Railgunner is mainly for bosses while juggernaut is for almost everything

  7. 8:40 how did u survive that wave by soloing I’ve been struggling so hard on that wave the main reason in cant solo elite might have to give me a few tips even with the best towers I still can’t survive

  8. factual thing
    railgunner: single target things that have tons of hp
    juggernaut: about everything else

  9. Was about to grind for railgunner and already have juggernaut but mainly i play solo intermediate for grinding
    and somehow wanting to solo elite mode for grinding maybe
    So i wanna ask you if Should i buy artillery first or save up money for railgunner?

  10. I remember you, we were old friends on roblox lol if you remember me. Prolly not.

  11. I made my own strat on easy mode impossible map i get 1450 gold/hour is it a good amount??

  12. Railgunner is really good for dealing huge bursts of damage due to how crazy its dmg is but how slow it attacks.

  13. ok
    1. railgunner is made for boss so idk why you puted it that early.
    2. you are in elite mode why didn't you put top path laser. It will be soooo much better since you have no splash tower.
    3. railgunner might not have more dps but has a hell lot of health and range meaning he won't die compared to jugg whitch i spent 100k for it to do barely even any dmg and die.
    4. you puted your railgunners on first it is not supposed to be like that.
    5. jugg bottom path doesn't have armor penetration and top path doesn't have hd meaning it sucks against late game expert.
    6. the boss in elite is litteraly made to not use railgunner since he heals, spawns, and nerfes tower. The exact thing railgunner is bad at. If you would of chosed easy or expert it would of beened much more easier

  14. you trash bad at game no warship noob (jk you r good)

  15. @MertW can you tell me some tips on how to beat elite im having a very hard time with it and i have everything i need besides railgunner?

  16. see railgunner f-ing sucks dog poop bcz well you saw in the video jugger killed the boss easily meanwhile railgunner could not even kill it and if a see a fr argument about railgunners bot path having 6500 dmg f*ck off juggers bottom path has double the dps and you cant even properly boost railgunners bottom path dps with edj cuz aim time does not get reduced

  17. I don’t think you know how to use railgunner very well. I used your exact loadout and didn’t even struggle with elite using railgunner. I killed the boss just as fast as your juggs, and never even had to place defense in the back for earlier waves. (I only had one artillery and it was a top path too.) I forgot to mention that all you had to do was spam 4-2 and 5-2 railgunners, and maybe switch a few to first.

  18. to be honest you should’ve went like 3-2 or 4-2 lg spam because you need lots of pierce on elite

  19. Juggernauts more reliable on early wave and speedruns while rail gunners more reliable on bosses as it has lots of dmg and health it also has a lot of range and it’s usually placed at the back of the map allowing it to be less likely to be hit by the bosses juggernaut has shorter range and it doesn’t have enough health to really tank enough

  20. Brother you are famous now!! I just came back to watch you.. But why don't you make a video about my restaurant?

  21. Rail may not be good on its own but, combine it with jug, you'll have the perfect expert loadout along with farm, laser and support towers

  22. bro the tds edj skin gives me flashbacks to when i used to grind tf out of tower battles

  23. Bro i think you should just skip to the main part of the video instead of showing the other gameplay thats not needed

  24. How about a video about Railgunner vs Artillery due to the fact that both of them have a single shot fire

  25. 0:36 maybe because you only want cryo but doesn't choose the cryo blaster

  26. Pair railgunnet with juggernaut

  27. Jugg is better to buy first since it has a good crowd control and boss killing ability, on the other hand. Railgunnet is PURELY made to kill bosses with literal ease.

  28. I raidentan i chaging my name to this i 1 mire sub away for 100 sub

  29. Railgunner vs juggernaut ✖️
    Boss killer vs enemies killer ✔️

  30. Main problem w9th the railgunners os they cant fend on their own. They need to have support towers. It isnt suited for big crowds and quick shred of hordes unlike the juggernaut is. Best bet to buy juggernaut before u buy rail gunner

  31. railgunner is only good for like expert and elite. jug clears the boss on inter and possibly if u can get 1 easy. Jug is less expensive, and whenever I use railgunner on inter it just feels rlly slow to kill the boss whereas jug wastes no time

  32. The why you lost with rail gunner, it is not for spams in the front. It is for strong enemies like bosses

  33. They should add double login rewards for vip

  34. The real question is why you are setting the railgunners to first when you could have invested your money into the lase gunners

  35. jugger is better most part, but rail will do better on eri mk ll cuz he gonna kill all of ya towers like in 1 second

  36. Well railgunner is only good for boss and single target dmg,but juggernaut in the other hand is good for multi dmg and crowd.

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