THE Golden Crate Opening Experience - Roblox Tower Defense Simulator -

THE Golden Crate Opening Experience – Roblox Tower Defense Simulator

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This video took FOREVER to make and am hungry so pelaspelpsalee subscribe and like yes and share cus pro and make me happy B)

In this video, I got a golden crate. Will i get your mo- Golden Pyro, the worst golden tower or Golden Minigunner, The best golden tower

Thanks Not for letting me borrow:


  1. Did I played with you like a few days ago like in rocket arena? Because it look like you plus you said you dont like gold solider

  2. i got gold mini on my 3rd gold crate and like i didnt need the statue i just needed some luck

  3. Me who got gold pyro at my 1st g crate and it got buffed: LETS GO

    me who got gold minigunner yesterday and solos molten: KSIRJFNEK2ICNROPSJDNFOSO LEST GO EASY CLAPS

  4. LOL I thought that in the battle pass said Stupid Crook Boss πŸ˜‚

  5. I actually just got golden chest
    And got pyro 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. dude gold minii is worth for fallen mode

  7. i got gold mini first try then cowboy then crook boss

  8. I literally do the same thing u did for my 3 gold cate AND I GOT GOLDEN MINI
    The statue has a miniguner blessing

  9. The first time i got golden crate i got golden minigunner


  11. This video makes my day the gold land was my favorite part with the music

  12. you bully golden soldier when its actually good

  13. i just dont wnana see anymore that people clown golden soldier for being "bad" when its actually almost equal to golden scout and its actually very usefull!

  14. you said you really wanted mini but when you got g mini you put on a trash background music like someone taking a dump

  15. don't worry we both the same with mage accel :*(

  16. i got golden mini on my first crate so good:D

  17. In my first golden crate I got golden miniguner lol

  18. Bro turned a opening crate video in a 6 minute wait

  19. Nice bro i opened a toy crate and i got toy rocketeer ;-;

  20. I'm using this and screen recording for a video
    "If sledger had a golden skin."
    He's my favorite tower since i've had him for so long and he's clutched so much

  21. Dont worry i saved you because i got gold soldier on my first golden crate yayy!!! i want to die

  22. golden soldier can win molten by itself

  23. I got my golden towers in this order: scout, crook and then mini

  24. On my first try i got gold miniπŸ’€

  25. i got gold scout in my first gold create

  26. I already have all gold skins got them back in 2021 frost evasion
    Og players know what that is and know what the sledger is and max level without videos

  27. this man really called gold mini bad

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