The Gladiator in Tower Defense Simulator -

The Gladiator in Tower Defense Simulator

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Snippet from my event tower ranking video, if you’d like to see more, check it out!

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  1. isnt commando the first event tower

  2. People keep talking how awesome the Gladiator is…come ooon get on sale already!!!!!! I want it so much!!!!!

  3. The best thing about Gladiator's splash damage is that there is just no limit for it! If there is like 20 enemies at his swing range, he will damage all the 20!

    For comparison, if there is 20 enemies on Sledger's swing range, he will hit only 4 of them.

  4. i swear this guy uploads the most random shorts. Its cool i guess but like who knows maybe he will upload a short of him murdering a family of 4.

  5. didnt know glad was the first event BC i have played tds before any events and remeber commando then gladiator.

  6. What can I say, im just that good
    Old Comment

  7. Fact: you can only place 2 if you joined the group

  8. I wish I have gad but I was too late for the event

  9. In this year i wanted that all the past events from tower defense simulator was added back but with more difficult,to us get like:toxic gunner,sledger,gladiator and even more

  10. I'm so glad I discover tds early gladiator is so good now I have played all event of tds but I did not win all of them I only got glad, commando,swarmer,warden, Executioner

  11. Gladiator is not available anymore exept for special events and suck where he is on sale.. for roux

  12. My thoughts on gladiator: Shing ShingShingShingShingShing!

  13. i cant fucking believe i begged and BEGGED my parents to give me 800 robux to buy the GP for this damn thing, only for me to quit TDS as a whole a few months later ohmyjod 😭😭😭

  14. I dont think gladiator hitting multiple enemies should change its dps.

  15. Gladiator used to be better since it easily does good enough as g scout in early and better in mid becuase its not that expensive and attack is splash dmg and had no limit and the warrior call ability had no delay

    Now gladiator has delay, enemies moves a little faster giving him less dps and splash dmg is only 3 limit

  16. The G Scout is only balanced by its range. On a good map with a loop and good placement, any number of G Scouts at any level could do more overall damage then any number of Gladiators at the same level.

  17. not many people know but when gladiator was first released it was absolutely awfull even old freezer and paintballer were better

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