THE BEST UNIT FROM EACH STAR! (PT.2) | All Star Tower Defense -

THE BEST UNIT FROM EACH STAR! (PT.2) | All Star Tower Defense

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Game: All Star Tower Defense

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  1. stop posting all star videos with thumbnails of characters that aren't in all star.

  2. I would say that Aokiji is the best 5 star, since he has a lot of range and massive damage, even though he can't hit air units, his manual ability, freeze and insane dmg make him the best 5 star

  3. A FIRE VIDEO…. but i think the best 5 star is jenos cause in the begining mans do 1 second per attack but goes to4 spa.

  4. CRXED: bro snow if you dont collabe with me for the next 30 days i am going to collapse

  5. I think 4 star pro food humtwr ice is better

  6. Can you make best unit for an elemental example best fire unit, best freezing unit, best bleeding, best poison, and best black flames.

  7. i feel
    Aokiji should be best 5 star
    and Goku gt with orb should be best 4 star

  8. son goku with moon orb is the best 4 star

  9. Goku alternative w orb is the best 4 star

  10. Why There is no Goku gt 4 star? ? ? He does 500k 6spa big range hybrides

  11. Eyepatch is from Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

  12. Why did this dude put tengen uzui in the thumbnail but he's not even in the game


  14. when he said one of the longest ROADS iwas Like oh Heaven naw what the sus is u saying

  15. Y dónde está el personaje de la portada? Sabes esos es publicidad engañosa

  16. The best 4 star is goku alternative with orb the monkey

  17. Yo cxrsed can u help me with raid 1 I’m subbed I got notis on I love ur vids I hope u see this

  18. you and noclypso should do a most expensive and cheapest units in astd

  19. Im think is right for all unit exept for 3star because thème are demonside in 3star but i can be wrong,Good video

  20. why everyone saying madara is the best six star but he need upgrade max to hit airs

  21. Goku GT = best four star with orb and demonside 3 star is stronger than garou

  22. Eyepatch should be in my opinion the best 4 star (fromt his anime JUBEI-CHAN THE NINJA GIRL: SECRET OF THE LOVELY EYEPATCH) because at level 1 she deals 1k dmg and 1 spa and 30 range with no orbs, and her last form deals AOE dmg

  23. Wbt rimiru? She does alot of dmg and hit airs for final upgrade and not that much damage and its a 5 star

  24. Todaroki might be better cuz burn and freeze also genos

  25. I have a feeling that this is going to get many parts

  26. there a better 4 star which is eyepatch

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