The BEST Tank Tower - Roblox Tower Defense | JeromeASF Roblox -

The BEST Tank Tower – Roblox Tower Defense | JeromeASF Roblox

JeromeASF – Roblox
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Today we play Roblox Tower Defense

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  1. You guys can beat hard mode easyly. Me (lvl 9) and my friend (lvl 1) beat hard mode with only snipers. But we did have a teammate (lvl 40 or so) who placed down veicles and minigunners and bazooka's. But u will beat it easy

  2. How do you use a code? I never tried

  3. Hi whant to play together I’m level 117 in nov 28

  4. I beat expert 10 times hard 23 normal 34 maybe? Easy 56

  5. This vid was posted on my birthday and I love playing this game

  6. I feel like it would be better like before the update that easy was 40, normal was 50, hard was 60 and insane was like 78

  7. When u want and need more views and decides to clickbait

  8. it can also be from leveling up which you get the crook boss from level 30

  9. ahem

    Jerome, I enjoy your videos, but the fact that you said that the Crook boss annoys me greatly. You can get the Turret and Crook boss for free by getting enough levels

    Crook boss is unlocked at level 30, Turret at level 50

  10. My Roblox name is ChompyBite and level 80 BOI

  11. Tip: if you have time you can solo insane and spam 4 soldiers (No need to upgrade) then work on getting mini-gunners lvl 2 and die at wave 20 you can get 360-378 coins in a matter of 8:409:25 minutes you can get 20k-30k coins in a day

  12. i lvl like 60 somthing and i feal like im the only person in the world that dose not use farms

  13. I play that game im more powerfull than you in that game i have sentry and more

  14. But your have a big brain but i dont have 🙁

  15. Btw , turret and crook boss Are obrainable through lvls. Crook Boss = lvl 30 Turret = lvl 50

  16. Pls don’t lie anymore don’t use a wrong thumb nail use the Actual pic also if u need a good player freind me in usually only do insane and I usually always win freind me I’m epiczombieslayer55 if you wanna win some games

  17. I beat impossible everyday im too good im level 320 and im awesome im 53 place on leader boards but I believe in you, you do your best Jerome.

  18. did you buy the crook boss from the game pass? You can get it when you reach lol 30

  19. Why don’t u have outlaw :((( it can beat insane mode if ur doing solo use mini with outlaw

  20. I beat my first insane mode on the day I started

  21. You could also go to level 30 and you get the crook for free

  22. Im lvl 156 and my username is ripmagical4535

  23. The dude meant he reached his max unit place because you can only place 20 units like the miniguner

  24. Jerome u get da crook boss at lev 30 just so u know

  25. Bro why dont u just upgrade the farms instead of putting s lot of farms!

  26. Do insane, it always pays you more then normal for how far you get

  27. that other player is so selfish and has an anger issue

  28. Jeromeasf seems like he needs to go outside more cuz he looks like he likes this way too much XD

  29. Them: WE ARE CHAMPIONS!!!!!

    mostly everyone: you guys only beat easy mode

    Me: boy I have beaten hard mode

  30. hey jerome i have a two codes for you r3tro and 02moment

  31. Jerome there is a hidden wave you have to beat expert boss under 16 minutes

  32. Me: beating insane every time
    Also me: wondering if there champions what dose that make me? 🤔

  33. Don't do hard mode and impossible mode hahaha 😂😂😅

  34. And you noobs don't have outlow and commander hahahahaha you noobs

  35. Have muhahaha shdjheu hahaha 😂😂 ha he muhahaha commander hahaha 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  36. Is it me or is Jerome using an auto clicker for upgrading his towers

  37. Who else gets super triggered when literally something is in his face (the ability from ice that freezes the bosses and other things) (i am not hating tho)

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