The Best Overwhelming 2024 Tower Defence Building Games -

The Best Overwhelming 2024 Tower Defence Building Games

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Building towers to defend against overwhelming hordes of enemies! I remember tower defence minigames in Warcraft 3 like Gem TD but the genre goes at least as far back as 1990’s Rampart and now it’s one of the most popular genres of gaming. I’m not sure if we can survive these swarms though, how ‘bout you? Let’s find out and welcome the best tower defense games in 2024! If you want to support the channel, buy games using this GOG referral link: Thank you!

Watch ALL my list videos in this playlist!

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Intro | 0:00

1. Castle Of Alchemists | 0:28

Platform: PC

2. ORX | 2:20

Platform: PC

3. Cataclismo | 3:52
Platform: PC

4. Steel Republic Rail Defender | 5:21

Platform: PC

5. Thronefall | 7:06

Platform: PC

6. Legendary Hoplite | 9:45
Platform: PC

7. Mob Factory | 11:26

Platform: PC

8. Infection Free Zone | 12:59

Platform: PC

9. QubiQuest: Castle Craft | 14:43

Platform: PC

10. SENTRY | 16:34

Platform: PC

11. Hostile Mars | 18:32

Platform: PC

12. Outpost: Infinity Siege | 20:39

Platform: PC

13. Axon TD: Uprising

Platform: PC

14. No Creeps Were Harmed

Platform: PC

Tower Defence (or Tower Defense) games have a long history where you build structures, buildings, turrets, or towers to defend against swarms of enemies. They could be bugs, monsters, zombies, viruses, or armies but at the end of the day you need to survive against the hordes in waves. In 2024, we see the Tower Defending genre evolve from the traditional isometric or top-down view to many being first-person FPS kind of games.


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  1. I remember fondly the old Warcraft 3 tower defense custom maps. Too bad none of these really look like that.

  2. I'm from Buenos Aires and i don't need a game to "survive in the town im living in" because i'm doing it in real life.
    Jokes aside, Infection Free Zone looks nice, and playing in real places is really cool.

  3. About Hostile Mars: I find it interesting, thatt their minimum requirements are VERY modest for what they're showing. The AMD FX-6300 is like, what … 12 years old by now? Or maybe 13 years? … And then 4 GB of RAM…

  4. 7:18
    Zakh is already living in 2024 and won't even give us his own reviews of these completed games from his timeline. Selfish.

  5. Just give me a Defence Grid 3… or a spiritual successor.

  6. That video is apparently uploaded 3 weeks ago… there were people actually playing Hostile Mars about 3-5 months ago with real gameplay footage… No idea what you are talking about, saying there's no game footage, or that you aren't sure if that's real game footage…

  7. I always get excited when I see tower defense games, and then get disappointed! In my opinion Defense grid is the best true tower defense game made true to the genre, as well as fieldrunners 2. I'm still waiting for something like these to come out with updated graphics, I'm not much on the hybrid games. Good video though 👍

  8. just hope gem TD can make into mobile game, it can bbe awesome

  9. Your upcoming (insert genre here) games videos are always a highlight.

  10. You really need to look at Bee Island. They released in late August this year, but are adding new challenge modes. It's not on a lot of people's radar, but very well done & the format / gameplay is fantastic.

  11. Hostile mars actually is just Fortnite Save the World PvE mode, used to love that game

  12. Is this available on android or just pc or what? Please include the flatform its not hard to do

  13. I enyoed Sanktum An Deathtrap with Friends. How manny from this games are Multiplayer/Koop games?

  14. Someone need to make a Starship Troopers TD

  15. I always loved playing Starcraft 1 as a TD kind of game. Build up my defenses, gather resources, and let the enemies attack my base, slowly build up an army to counter attack with in 1 big swoop. (give myself unlimited resources cheat codes) Would love to see a TD game like this, even if no counter attack.

  16. 2018's Protolife still better than any of these.

  17. Dude all the "best base defence games" videos are the same games over and over. This video I saw new and really good games. Thx alot.

  18. There are Roblox Td games and the most anticipated one is Tower Defence x

  19. dont forget that Arknights is somewhat a mix of Tower Defences,Gacha games, and Waifu/Husbando Collectors all in 1 packages
    something i never think that was possible lol

  20. orx are overcheesed. its like eat cheese while cheese eats you.

  21. Thronefall, Cataclismo, QubiQuest and Infection Free Zone – > gonna check these, maybe Castle of Alchemists

  22. Satisfactory could be on this list but the devs chose not to 🙁

  23. I was waiting for you to show "Outpost infinity". Following closely!

  24. Damn good list! I had more than a few already on the wish list, but you showed me some that I had no idea about. Tells me that you spot the same things I do, totally subscribing.

  25. To anyone that can answer, what is the game called at 00:6

  26. I love TD!
    I playing in "Bots Rush". TD with make resourses. But it's "early access"

  27. You missed Diplomacy is not an Option. Technically, it's on full release now.

  28. Awesome, just seeing this now. A lot of exciting titles coming up. Also thanks for the shout out.

  29. Infection Free Zone made it under my radar. Thanks for the video

  30. I am glad to have come across this channel to listen to you discuss different tower defense games. There are so many out there, but I have been stuck on just one.

  31. Any dev who releases a demo to the public automatically gets a huge thumbs up from me and instant consideration. If I'm even remotely interested I'll make it my goal to try out a game with a demo first. I'm also concerned for those devs because we are in an age of entitlement. I could see some people refusing to buy something that they would otherwise love because the demo made them angry or, whatever.

  32. "Infection Free Zone" looks fantastic! Definitely will give it a try

  33. Orx has their 3rd faction by now and a 4th coming
    Hyped for mob factory
    Cataclismo idk yet
    Infection free zone , high hopes but idk if it will succeed
    Qubiquest is the 1st new thing I saw will wishlist when it hits steam
    Good vid

  34. Someone tell this guy what a tower defense game is!

  35. Nowadays everything goes into first person shooters, even the TD games. 🙂

  36. I remember flash games on kongregate and newsgrounds having the military train TD types and I really enjoyed them so a 3d version looks pretty good

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