TF2 becomes a Tower Defense game! (Feat. Two Twins Engineers) -

TF2 becomes a Tower Defense game! (Feat. Two Twins Engineers)

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Meet the Tower Defense mode feat. Blue Engineer!
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  1. how do you equip another wrench in this gamemode

  2. ¿does anyone have the ip of this game mode?

  3. Me when theres no ip link to the server :

  4. fuckkkk this custom gamemode really needs to be revived, we have V script so we don't really need the server plugin. offline tf2 tower defense could be real if someone who knows this mode and how to make good tf2 maps with V script

  5. As an engineer main this is my idea of heaven

  6. ay if this man keep making video of this stuff tf2, i want this reach 1m sub BRO!, epic dude who show these stuff that so heck FUN!

  7. I think everyone is engineering that tf2 already is a tower defense like in mvm you protect a point till you win

  8. Wait so is this a mod or an actual tf community server if so can some one tell me the connect code (I forgot what it’s called)

  9. is this a actual server and if it is they you please drop the ip please?

  10. his friends: what is bobiscool123 playin today

    bobiscool123 playing:

  11. Man I remember back then this was a thing glad you mfs played it in 2023

  12. I remember Tower defence servers. They all shut down because people would join. Make them private and just leave making them unjoinable.

  13. why that spies was walking on the air

  14. I am satisfied with this gameplay 🙂

  15. You should do this with 10 players and see how one you can survive

  16. Hello i have an quick question.

    What's the community map name?

  17. Uhhhh I thought TF2 was always a Tower Defense game? I mean, just look at 2Fort lol

  18. man how did you get a team fortress tf2 i even tryed a steam on my computer pc but it wont work but if you konw how to play team fortress2 without steam pls tell me and i played a tean fortress 2 on roblox but i a not good at team fortress 2 and i did not konw that it was a tower defense mode

  19. dammm your good at team fortress 2 nice dude

  20. hows the server name i want to call 2 of my friends to have fun

  21. roblox tds looks way better than i remember

  22. Hi hi friends! Something Special for you today: Meet the Tower Defense mode in TF2! I had never played this mode before, just played 2 short training rounds before start recording this 🙂
    This mode looks pretty funny, I can recommend you to play it!
    I wish you a great Sunday! 🙂

    P.s. tell me if you enjoy it, I can record one more video on another map with this mode 🙂

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