TDS VS Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense Which Game Is Better? | Roblox -

TDS VS Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense Which Game Is Better? | Roblox

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  1. Can u make a video of critical tower defense compared to tds ? Or other tower defense game?

  2. skibidi toilet tower defense will die when the trend comes to end, this sh*t is a P2W game for a "RICH" kids, so TDS is better on my opinion.

    Bruh, i still waiting for the update of TDS =(

  3. 2 very overrated games at comparison huh?
    Even if i dont find tds so great, toilet tower defense will be dead once the trend is too

  4. I am mean
    is this not ebvious? tds is better.
    theres no thing better that toilet tower defense does better

  5. yea fr toilet tower defense is trash it only gets a lot of players bc of kids

  6. Tds is way mnore harding worked thats why better

  7. 5 points for tds 2 for that skidi dop dop yes yes tds games

  8. You can watch three things forever: how water burns, how fire flows, and how it slanders this game.

  9. 2022: wow there is no event tower and only a p2w tower… this game is so p2w
    2023 toilet tower defense:

  10. tds is much better doesn't much p2w (don't mind engineer please) better gameplay heck you can even solo hardcore not too boring gameplay and not farmed it care community (idk if this true or not) map quality is more detailed and better rather than a child made map it had sick emote real and lobby is nicer as for leaderboard idk
    edit: i can't forget gambling game kinda look like psx but tower defense tbh if this lead into kid mind then that will real danger against your children and money as 2021 tds player i can confirmed this that TTD is worst one in list because of gambling ripoff psx game based of trends real danger of kid getting to gambling addiction bad quality of map tower boss and lobby and pretty much boring gameplay

  11. Tower heroes fan: hey that not good tower heroes Is GOOD?!!!!!!!!

  12. toilet tower defense is definitely one of the worst td games i’ve ever played. it doesn’t deserve a single bit of its popularity. tds is much better, but it needs good updates

  13. Toilet Tower Defense isn't that bad.
    People hate it for the trend.
    But is that the only reason?
    Also, Toilet Tower Defense has more updates than TDS and the game is still being worked on.
    At one point, it MIGHT be better than TDS.
    TDS kinda sucks anyways.

  14. this skibidi toliet thing is getting out of hand why are kids so obsessed

  15. Toilet tower defend it good but it trash as hell p2w alot bug and lose data like 3 my friend and me got mythic and join game lose all

  16. Engineer for gems (free) other towers for lvl or beating

  17. When p2w :

    STD : need to spin op tower at 10 time only 1,500 bobux

    By away TDS : you can but littlebit cheap. (Engineer cost only 4,000 bobux)

  18. Honestly TTD is overrated and the looks are crappy
    So the classic TDS is underrated as always, they also lied that TTD did not copy TDS

  19. Even im an toilet tower def player i agree with tds

  20. As a tds player i can confirm that tds is better not bc i play tds but tds has better maps better mechanics and is overall a better game also toilet tower defense or whatever stole tdx and tds and made some of their settings and load out and the upgrade thing and it looks identical so toilet tower defense sucks and its only being carried bc of the skibidi toilet trend i did not stole this but they used they advantage and made toilet tower defense

  21. Toilet tower defense is really bad. LIKE TDS ON ITS FIRST RELEASE IS BETTER LOL TOILET TD FANS GO CRY because toilet td is CARRIED BY THE TREND

  22. Bro idk why some people finds heads in toilets smiling..

    TDS is winning this fr.

  23. If tds will hype on something like free UGC, popular stuff, online be huge

  24. The toilet game has bugs and it stolen things from other games

  25. ofc tds is better than the toilet thing


  27. From liking tds to liking toilet tower defense
    Toilet tower defense may depend on a trend but unlike tds toilet tower defense can be easily played on most devices without any graphic issues and the p2w towers is actually op and cheap and the most important of all it has trading
    And for tds the old version is better but the new one i can only play it for 6 seconds on 0.5 fps before disconnecting and the towers that i need cost too much or need to grind for days

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