TDS New Hardcore TRIUMPH - Roblox Tower Defense Simulator -

TDS New Hardcore TRIUMPH – Roblox Tower Defense Simulator

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Haha void reaver rip gem grind is real. ENGINEEER MUST GETTT!!!
Tank to pro player
Raisenrain –
Akira – help i cannot find display naem disaster


  1. Void reaver stronkets boss but his brother is ded

  2. Void reavers rage is at 600k and his death wish is at 200k, your welcome

  3. The 1 Void reaver actually makes it harder because you don't get money until it dies, so 2 bosses with lower health are better.

  4. Fun fact void reaver has the most hp of all bosses

  5. so his rage mode gets activated at 590k hp now?

  6. 1 void reaver is still 2 void reaver but the orther void reaver got damamge 200k hp so they fuse and get to 1.2 mil hp

  7. Hardcore is easier now, the two voids before had 1.4 mill hp combined and could do annoying combos like stun/soul at the same time

  8. Now tds has 3 bosses that has 1 millin health also void reaver is the strongest enemy now

  9. After void reaver 2 got remove
    Void reaver 1:*flashback* memories woth void reaver 2

  10. am think fallen sword master is warhammer titan

  11. Below New Update everyone YEASSSSSSSSSSSAS the update is make 1 void reaver with 1.2m Health

  12. I like the new rewards. Also, do you still get a free Deluxe Crate for winning?

  13. I love how at the end someone was just like please please please DIE. And then when The void reaver dies he says lol. He’s one of those guys who says something is easy yet it’s very challenging.

  14. Bro i wanted to continue 2 void reavers… now is just one its BORING the fight thats sad :C

  15. Void Reaver has now rage and becomes stronger than every bosses ever

  16. Honestly, removing the second void reaver made hc a bit harder, since you dont have the extra money from the firat void reaver, you dont have money to replace towers

  17. Imagine that it's now possible to solo hardcore

  18. when everything in hardcore is harder than the boss itself. 1 accelerator dude. Wtf.

  19. What if you could do hardcore with more people but enemies have more health, it cost more per player and unit like military bases have 25% lower health

  20. Frost spirit and Umbra: fighting I HAVE 100M HP NO I HAVE 100M HP continue fighting
    Void Reaver showed up
    Void Reaver: hey guys
    Frost spirit: you look weak void Reaver
    Void Reaver: nope i’m not weak showing stats
    Frost spirit Umbra and all major bosses: get shocked HOW DID YOU HAVE 120M HP
    Void Reaver: heh well below wants to remove my twin brother because I like it. now grave digger Molten boss fallen sword master fallen king kneel before me

  21. I thought void reaver had 700k BUT ITS MORE THAN A MILLION!

    am I right or not?

  22. i played this game in march 2021 is that new hardcore map 😮

  23. When void reaver brother got removed void reaver must do all his powers and efforts and has many hp than frost spirit meaning void reaver never surrender he'll fight for his brother

  24. Now he have 1.2 million hp it's the same thing abuot hp

  25. I think void reaver should be 1,400,000 because 700,000×2=1,400,000

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