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  1. I am really sad I really want the archer tower but below locked it behind a pay wall 🧱💰💲

  2. The new upgrade upgrade gui is actually very good for mobile

  3. WikiaColors's video is too long, I need a summarized one

  4. i think the Mortar with cluster is a great idea just excecuted poorly. With either the cluster having to much spread or just not targetting enemies on the track. I think it is very cool and unique plus i really like the GUI but some hotkeys for selling, upgrading, target and abilities would be very nice

  5. new gui sucks
    new mortar EVEN SUCKS MORE

    tds is never gonna redeem themselves from their mistakes

  6. The thing I hate the most about the update is the targeting about of the ui. They prob forget to script it. The arrows don't do anything. Lets say I am targeting the strongest, and I click the left button and it goes to weakest. Now current using weakest target. If I want to go back to strongest targeting. You would think you would click the right button. Nope it goes to whole different targeting. Hope they fixed this issue very soon.

  7. Bruh they brought back archer now it's less rarer……
    Atleast it got rebalanced

  8. Bruh I can't hear what you are saying by your accent 💀

  9. Your accent is wy to heavy for me to understand

  10. I think the new gui is just something to get used to

  11. Why below natural do that bro it's like freaking tower blitz.

  12. Will he try to win hardcore "unknown garden" map?

  13. Pryo: remember me I can see you on hidden
    Ghost zombie:…. Well crap

  14. Wait ur nose is running? Get well soon

  15. Wow, you used your voice instead of just text! I'm not being sarcastic; I'm being serious and genuine. You and Wika are the two places I like to hear TDS news from. However, the issue with it is that most of the time, I have to actually read the text. That's fine, but I'd rather have it like this with a voice so I can listen to the video like a podcast and either grind in the game or do something else while still getting the updated information. Again, I'm glad you're using your voice again on these videos. See ya!

  16. I feel like they should add auto abillity use and like u can auto chain with it

  17. Ik you dont kinda like about the upgrade UI but in my opinion its actually pretty good i mean bpocking your view on the enemy. Is that necessary? I mean the enemies can be easily memorised even in events through playing and trial and error. Plus it dosen't block the other towers menu so you can be quick of getting them upgraded to make sure no enemies passed through the defence because you upgraded the tower in time. Those who think the second one difference than the previous upgrade UI? Trust me it is very important when the time comes.

  18. Saying dps tower sucks is like asking for tower to do 100k dps to something with 120 million hp void reaver like engi and accel slight restats

  19. Below ruining game with nerfing everything im mad

  20. Alright so I’m not sure if this is intentional, but upon playing the game, I noticed accelerator’s firerate was 0.04 with a max commander’s chain. Before the update it was 0.065.. This means that an accelerator with a firerate of 0.048 and damage of 35 is stronger than accelerator with a firerate of 0.04 (Firerate of old accel with max commander and firerate bug)… The commander also seems to buff other towers by a way bigger amount compared to previously..

  21. I'ma be honest the cluster bombs are just an excuse for a nerf. They aren't really but its what I feel, capping mortars placement to 4. And that's fine because mortar was extremely good. Even after the radius nerf he was (for me) on par with engineer call me crazy the numbers don't lie. But ye if you get all 4 mortars the amount of cluster bombs they make is so much but ehh

  22. am i the only one who feels like the slower projectile for mortar is better since now it mostly hits the middle of the horde which means more die

  23. the mortar pre placement nerf could do a total 1500 per shot (6 of them)
    now the mortar with the cluster bombs can do 1600 per shot (with 4 of them), problem is that all 3 cluster bombs must hit for full damage for that and considering you're lucky if 2 even hit I'd say that this is overall another mortar nerf. IMO they just need to give it a bigger explosion radius or make the cluster bombs hit better

  24. The GUI looks a little bit like the one in tower blitz

  25. Until Today Paradoxum Games still HAVEN'T fixed the UI bug for mobile, Wherein you cant equip event towers.


  27. While I do really like the new GUI, it’s a complete copy of Tower Battles and TDX UI. This game is good. But the devs are the worst.

  28. The mortars tower will definitely shine in those multi lane event maps, and those open 360 maps

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