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Tanks ONLY Challenge – Roblox Tower Defense | JeromeASF Roblox

JeromeASF – Roblox
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Today we play Roblox Tower Defense

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  1. Ow that is you that same for out for ather chounty

  2. Do the explosion only challange
    Demo man
    Military base and farms

  3. Jerome I'm good at tower defense can I play with you some time

  4. Hi jerome can we play together on insane im level 228 or 226 my username is thelamborginilove

  5. Jerome, my friends dad has MULTIPLE tanks, just to collect them.

  6. I mean Vale… I had to sing a song about shaking papayas down

  7. we want miniblade! we want miniblade! WE WANT MINIBLAAADDEEE!!!!

  8. I have a challenge idea for ROBLOX tower defense. Try to win while using no farms.

  9. My mom doesn't want me bringing my electronics so we would go to the library.

  10. U guys are bots at this game and btw the event is ez if u use the right towers

  11. Here is a really hard chalange for u guys: STOP USING MILITARY BASE

  12. I got BTD6 on my school iPad. I play it all the time.

  13. jerome the one with the frost walkers aqnd snowmen and super hard is the one that gives you tickets, also i think they stopped doing tickets, if so you can never get archer until next chrismas

  14. jerome you suck me and my squad did military only and we won whit only that

  15. By the way the only living dinosaur is the bird

  16. Also microrapts and raptors were almost the same size at the size of a chicken

  17. did u know that the new virus is in florida now? I would be careful if I were you Jerome!

  18. I defeated Insane mode with four people before Jerome

  19. so i did the event i loss at round 20 cuz the boss has 2x amount of health compared to a insane boss

  20. Military base: exists
    Below and the devs (and head moderator): releases trailer with a zed in tds trailer
    John roblox: everybody gansta till xr900 rolls out

  21. Jerome: let's only do tanks
    A few mins later, puts mortar and miniguns

  22. My favorite thing about these videos is how they never do insane when me and my friend can just duo it everytime….

  23. Clean rockets taste better than potatos

  24. My secret was that high schools restrictions to the command prompt was different so I used it to shut the whole school internet down for the day….. so we had no school because all connections were un available so we just did sports

  25. Shell shock live challenge
    Helicopter( air strike, helicopter strike, area strike) any route
    Sniper any route
    Mortar(nuke) nuke route

    Feel free to change if want to all can have farms

  26. Use the outlaw it has the highest dps in the game.

  27. Off the intro hurt my soul the event is the 4 player thing

  28. i went to the library resonantly and i seen kids play Rolodex on there computers

  29. 2:59 when he said" also umm" it cut to a ad and the said "in the beginning there was nothing" and I had my eyes closed so I just freaked out.

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