Summons for Naruto Six Paths untill Random Godly Pity (400k+) - Ultimate Tower Defense -

Summons for Naruto Six Paths untill Random Godly Pity (400k+) – Ultimate Tower Defense

Code Nex
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Hi guys, today i will show you my summons trying to get naruto six paths
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  1. Damn u lucky I got him with only 12000m gold

  2. To be critical I think divine is not that much more stronger then godlys

  3. my friend spent 500k yesterday and he didnt get it hes so upset that he doesnt wants to play the game anymore cuz he waited a week for it to come

  4. The best I’ve ever gotten was pity escanor and a saitama in one spin which was pretty crazy

  5. Me spending 1.2 mil gold and still not getting a divine :/

  6. I got this naruto but i am 40 k from 0 and the last roll i got it
    Sorry from my english i am from the brazil i am soooo bad in english

  7. U got the same as me I was sad when I got drago ):

  8. Ok so does it give you the godly in the black market?

  9. the reason he dint just press it at start to skip is weird

  10. Is there a pity for godly and if there how much do you need?

  11. Code Nex : Summoning just for Naruto six paths
    Me : Just staring on his gold

  12. is there a theory like u need 1 million mkney to get guarenteed divine or how many money needed

  13. hey nex is it hard trying to start your own yt chanel i was thinking of starting my own one

  14. i was just fishing and got the naruto six path

  15. Ive spent 300k coins on wb and I not get ive been waiting days for wb now Its gone and I dont wanna play anymore

  16. can yall tell me what godly i should get?

  17. I spent 1.2 mil and didn't get it. I was saving my gold for wb but I waited for weeks but wb didn't show up. so my new plan is to just grind gems instead gold at least in that way its 100% guarantee I can get Devine I want

  18. This is how u stretch ur vids by not skipping the summons

  19. ADD ME ON FORTNITE NAME IS TrueStooter007. I AM OG says:

    What game is that

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