Summoner Build SCP Tower Defense Roblox -

Summoner Build SCP Tower Defense Roblox

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Summoner build with new Scarlet Shaman Tower
Scrolling through on Roblox and saw SCP Tower defense and wanted to make a video! I find this game to be very fun and I really like the coffee machine XD. If you haven’t played it yet GO PLAY NOW :). I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and take care!

SCP Tower Defense –


Outro song : Future Speak – guestroom.

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  1. the 05s in the game are the 05s of the actual scp td group

  2. also just saying blood of red lake got HARD nerfed 3 damage a second is terrible.


  4. hey coffee could you help me beat ZK-Class? and also help me with wanderer

  5. coffee can you add me and text me when your online so I can get the Scarlet shaman?

  6. I don't know if he has the skin or not but if he had used the Barbarian Skin on Dr Gerald since every other unit was a humanoid it would have looked alot cooler

  7. site guard evolve in summoner team too 🙂

  8. New map, you know what time it is 😉

  9. man i stopped playing bc it got 2 grindy 4 me still like it tho

  10. Wait for Warrior Melee builds:) but i think we may wait more op melee towers tho

  11. This gigachad checks all his video comments to check if he hearted and replyed to all of them

    im waiting to get wanderer with YOU.

  13. i forgot the name but i got a secret 05 unit like you did but it wasnt larry it was a weird guy with a rthro avatar and he was doing 360 dps which is nothing compared to larry but it was still cool to see a secret unit

  14. The game: HAHAH YOU WILL DIE FROM 200 NOREGRETS HAHHA!! LuvYaCoffee: Oh only 200 hundred? I have summoned 91839189838298848228462887482873 units.

  15. can you make a how to beat serpents library without anythig like balefire, wanderer, scarlet shaman and o5

  16. I have the scarlet shaman I win 2 times quad and trio

  17. U should try to beat library with this build

  18. You forgot about wanderer and dr gerald is prob not fitting for the like subject of your loadouts i guess

  19. hey uhh can you do like a mage and wizard build example like wanderer and scarlet lol

  20. Technically u can solo xk only shaman, tickle and farm, chains and blood

  21. Please feel my face cuz that's my profile mamarman12_2

  22. Spawners only but with full squad would be lag eternal

  23. Chinese when they saw a random civilian going to the bank (i love making unfunny joke)

  24. I love how you always say ayo every video

  25. 415 like I am I guess I got a cool number

  26. o5 council member in scp tower defense is very rare to spawn that

  27. oh hey buddy
    can you review tower 2.0 from scp tower defense that?
    i think you just review it from d class to samsara
    in STD have more update some can you review 2.0 about tower and their level again?

  28. larry is a rare spawn from 05 about 1-3%

  29. Dam can’t believe this was 1 year ago.. Can’t believe it.

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