StarCraft 2: TOWER Defense! -

StarCraft 2: TOWER Defense!

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Grave Danger on the Brutal difficulty in StarCraft 2.
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Last week’s mutation mission:

Deathless monstrosities besiege the Xel’Naga Temple. Amon’s forces give rise to the infested as they fall, and will eventually overwhelm your fortifications through brute force. Kill the Void Reanimators before they raise the dead, and do whatever it takes to survive the onslaught.

Void Reanimators: Void Reanimators wander the battlefield, bringing your enemies back to life.

Walking Infested: Enemy units spawn Infested Terran upon death in numbers according to the unit’s life.

Transmutation: Enemy units have a chance to transform into more powerful units whenever they deal damage.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Legacy of the Void is the third and final part in the StarCraft 2 triology.


  1. Your least favourite map? 😮 that breaks my heart, this is my favourite map! holding against countless enemies in a constant siege sounds amazing

  2. Funny how one of these little probes is the next hots hero blizzard nice one

  3. So disappointed, i was expecting double cannon rush from that title 😀

  4. why are u building your cannons in such a random wierd way?

  5. abathar would love this as well, and would be way more fun to use. Do you agree?

  6. That second mutator's description is weird. According to it, the killed Hybrid should spawn like 1500 infested terrans, zerglings – 35. Saw nothing close to it 🙂

  7. why not Swann? Tanks/goliaths + extra gas for more monoliths and/or a carrier fleet seems like the way to go. Also his turrets are quite good esp with karax repair beam. and the laser drill can be manually targeted on the void reanimators.

  8. People is getting so annoyed by me trying to win this map with Artanis, damn, I hope my karax partner defend as good as you do on this video

  9. i love this map for karax how dare u lowko xD love your vids man

  10. Entropy TD (tower defense)
    Only tower d where IQ is the determining factor.

  11. I got rekted for this mission. I still haven't been able to win.

  12. With Karax, you can use reclamation on mech units. Probably a better idea on offensive maps. Static D Karax is great when you have an ally who can push objectives.

  13. if i were u ill take chrono boost energy generation it is giving u an energy when chrono. a regenerating ray was unuseful in alarak <on psi units> and karax with no units

  14. ''Ha ha wha ta faa* '' ( My reaction to the weekly mutation as i had heard them all. )

  15. black chair black shirt and white headphones…….you looked like you were dressed as a nun when the vod started before I took a second look

  16. Whoever came up with this has read Blackest Night a few too many times

  17. Hi Lowko ! I love what you do, and I must say you are far better than me playing S2, but can you tell me why, every time you play Karax, you misplace you pilar/canon to clean the rocks on the natural ? Putting a pilar in the middle of the crytals could give you a big room to put two canons, one on each side of the central rock and save you 100 crystal and time to open your base… any good reason I dont understand ?

  18. Where the hell is the next Warcraft 3 video??? Do your job Lowko goddamit!

  19. Hey, Lowko, are you excited about Probius, the new HOTS hero? He's the probe from the LOTV trailer! As always, great vids; keep up the good work! 🙂

  20. Could've done the bonus with the last minutes in

  21. "Oh yeah, he should be fine" proceeds to waste 25 energy

  22. Why is Lowko using so much energy on so few units? Sometimes He completely unneccesarily wastes tons of spear of adun energy and it pains me 🙁

  23. if you were to build towers in warcraft 3…

  24. That's actually a pretty brutal set of mutators if the infested upgrade as well.

    Just my thought on seeing them, before the fights start.

  25. Just as I thought, Alarak would have the high damage output and crowd control to prevent too many evolutions.

  26. Watching Lowko play Karax is painful as he just dots his stuff around. I play a place mine in perfect rows to maximize cannons that reach. I still disagree with mastery in SoA energy since it just helps you in the beginning really. Chrono upgrade is great for getting quick eco, upgrades, and if need be helping your partner, especially like Nova. But enough on that.

    Paired with randoms. This one took awhile, with bad randoms, felt like slightly different timings, and just RNG really. Finally got it as Karax with a random Vorazun that went stealth. Corsairs, black hole, and time stop are nice since they prevent units evolving. I of course made static defense with their energizers and would bring out some zealots to target down the reanimators, or at least get visibility to SoA them down.

  27. wow lowko, you let sushiis name be in the intro but not mine? TRIGGERED

  28. if vermillion problem isnt your least favorite dont even talk to me (jk)

  29. Still weak turtle… create walls at an angle so that you can create a choke point for enemy to try to get through. they should not beable to get to your cannons until after they are through the choke points. let pylons and batteries take the front hits with your cannons behind them.

  30. I liked this one, not too difficult but still very fun to play. gg !

  31. Hey Lowko, Top tip when playing Karax, use the Chrono Wave every time you can, as it also increases Spear of Adun's energy

  32. awful cannons placement (like all you need to leave is one line), no use of observers to maximize monolithic reach and snipe reanimators, poor energizers use… this was painful to watch… but you did it. gg

  33. I agree with you Lowko, I love seeing the minimap filled with green! I actually used to (in the campaigns) take the time to fill the entire map with creep as Zerg before completing the mission for fun. I like doing it a hell of a lot more in SC2 though

  34. AStupidlyLongNameThatsLongerThanMyPreviousNameLolz says:

    Ghost quote of the year 2k17 : "UWWAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH"

  35. Wow, no structure clean up, really wp. Thought it would be impossible if you don't clean enemy bases.

  36. You should level up your Vorazun, she's stupid good on maps like this one or Vermillion

    Teleporting Void Rays accross the map makes it so much easier, especially with a time stop

  37. do a co op when you're playing alarak 🙂

  38. et so triggered when he uses all his energy on karax's first ability when he could use the lazer to sweep the lings early for much less energy

  39. To make full use of Karax's defense you need to utilize his energizers, they work on cannons and monoliths too, which is why I think it's better to get more gas on him to get those earlier.

  40. we got to see the real Probius in this video :~D

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