StarCraft 2: TOWER Defense! -

StarCraft 2: TOWER Defense!

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Grave Danger on the Brutal difficulty in StarCraft 2.
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Last week’s mutation mission:

Deathless monstrosities besiege the Xel’Naga Temple. Amon’s forces give rise to the infested as they fall, and will eventually overwhelm your fortifications through brute force. Kill the Void Reanimators before they raise the dead, and do whatever it takes to survive the onslaught.

Void Reanimators: Void Reanimators wander the battlefield, bringing your enemies back to life.

Walking Infested: Enemy units spawn Infested Terran upon death in numbers according to the unit’s life.

Transmutation: Enemy units have a chance to transform into more powerful units whenever they deal damage.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Legacy of the Void is the third and final part in the StarCraft 2 triology.


  1. Slowly but surely, Lowko stopped saying 'Slowly but surely', even when he builds up his defenses slowly but surely. RIP Slowly but surely 2017. All the complainers got their wish, slowly, but, surely.

  2. Lowko whenever you play Karax, you always forget to build energizers!

  3. I beat this first try because my team-mate pulled me into casual. I still got the normal difficulty bonus tho…

  4. "I find your lack of defenses disturbing" I love Alarak lol

  5. WHY PUT THE BATTERIES FIRST ARE YOU MAD??? Theyre the squishiest and are the only reason that your other defenses live,also when you put the cannons behind them they cant shoot hybrids.

  6. We almost barely did it on normal with a lvl 60-70 Kharax + my cloacked lvl 7 protos. But the problem was I had to slowly walk all around while he defended though I think she's a much better choice, you can't level up your enemies if they can't see you 😀
    Now I need someone for brutal or hard.

  7. So this week mutation might be the worst for stukov?

  8. lol in the beginning, 'that's really annoying because it means you do have to kill them' Yeh just like every other thing in the game lowko

    jk love the vids 😉

  9. Isn't your co- op partner's name pronounced as SHEE-su-ee rather than sushi ._.?

  10. i played this mutation with my friend (he was kerrigan and i zagara) and we lost 1 min before the mission was over 🙁

  11. omg why clicking like a moron everywhere for no reason at beginning when there is nothing to do? so useless

  12. this is one of those mutation that I won't even try to beat in brutal.

  13. Pro Tip – when playing as Karax, you can place 1-2 Energizers next to your cannons. They will act as a pylon + boost the attack speed of all your cannons (and monoliths for that matter) by something like 25-30%. Building your cannons like that is necessary if you gonna deal with the mutator where they can use spells ( to avoid the disruption web from the corsair), but other than that its complete BS.

  14. "I find your lack of defences disturbing" ooooh, guess we have star wars easter egg!

  15. Played nova and got easy victory on first try. I guess they didnt do any damage against my shield drone 😉

  16. lowko where i can send you a reply with starcraft 2 silver league , is very interesting

  17. The units upgrade when they deal damage Lowko, not when they take damage XD

  18. WTF! This doesn't work at all lol Kyrax in any configuration, basiacally this is THE most difficult mutation ever for me. Others were brutal sometimes, but never took me more than 3 times. This, I'm afraid I might just need to skip entirely…

  19. When starcraft turns into bloons tdm…

  20. Did you just ASSUME Rohanna's gender? how insensitive Kappa

  21. Lowko think that those were a big amount of canons.. Pffft, you've clearly never played the campaign mission on normal 😛

  22. "This is how Democrats raised millions Mexicans from dead to vote against Trump XD"

  23. I didn't see whether you had upgraded the energy technology of Energizers and shield batteries or not.If you didn't change hotkeys, it is in VC.It is very useful and you don't have to build a dozen of batteries at all.

  24. What bonus exp do you get for completing the mutation on brutal? Because for my game it says it only gives 75 thousand, so you must be getting 110 thousand from the mission itself… seems like quite a bit of exp from nowhere.
    EDIT: Saw that you got 185K just from the bonus… do having commanders at mastery levels increase exp gain?

  25. why didn't you do bonus objective and take out the 3 stones? it was possible for the alarak player to take them out.

  26. a tip on the reanimators, if you are stukov and you can get his queens (SC1 version) in time, you can use the spawn broodlings ability to 1 hit KO the reanimators. but that is only if you can get the queens before you get overwhelmed. vorazun can do this to, but she need to mind control a SC1 queen first and so far I only saw them on miner extraction.

  27. Destroying the buildings (enemy buildings) will make the waves less harder untill they build them up again, if u destroy all buildings on one side, then they cant repair, but some drop pods will still come for waves.

  28. Void reanimator reanimates another void reanimator = GG

  29. Carriers are so powerful, who not use em?

  30. Hey lowko ithink you should get your last 2 commanders to 15 so u can look extra pro

  31. I'm confused, didn't he say he was doing it with sushi?

  32. Who else thought it would be a good idea to use Abathur?

  33. Is there many custom maps like turret defense in Starcraft2 ?? And are they popular, do people play them??

  34. Where are those Energizers tho? 2-3 on each entrance and you get a huge increase in dps

  35. How can't you learn how to place defensive structures after playing so many campaigns and co-ops?
    I've even wondered on some of your campaigns, on how the heck did you managed to old out till the end with that horrible building placement -.-
    Watch a guide video about building walls in the defensive maps pls, there are only 2 of them out there yet.

  36. I pictured you being a nerdy asian with long hair. You suck man.

  37. I suddenly thought it could be another version of Silver League Cannon Rush (defensive). But no.

  38. OOh we are so clever, we use drop pods! immediately under attack by a hail of orbital strikes

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