Starcraft 2 - Desert Tower Defense -

Starcraft 2 – Desert Tower Defense

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In this video I play Desert Tower Defense. The objective of this game is to defeat 60 waves without leaking more than 20 units.

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  1. Are custom games still active as of today? (Jan.20,2023) i stopped playing a while back and want to get back into it.

  2. Thanks, I was quite upset about the previous suggestion's views. Hope there would be more for this as it's custom games instead

  3. What was the thing on the left side of the minimap? Another TD or art?

  4. Finally! Been looking for SC2 custom map HAHA!

  5. Is sc2 custom games free to play too ? I cant afford wc3 atm 🙁

  6. I require more starcraft 2 arcade maps.

  7. Warcraft custom games are so much better than starcraft

  8. star craft has some of the best tower defense games

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