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SPENDING $10,000 ROBUX! In Every Anime Tower Defence Game On Roblox

Moz King
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  1. Sigh wonder why there so much hypocrite people that keep "encouraging" when in reality they just do it to look nice 🗿 I mean … It is good to encourage him but ppl are just bunch of self righteous hypocrite

  2. YEah yeAh, epic as usual moz when will ya stream?

  3. I know this is random but Trading shisu evo with s+ spa for yama evo even if the yama have bad stats I accept

  4. all star tower defense is so shit and people call it better than anime adventures lmao

  5. Moz please try ultimate tower defense it is anime I really like it

  6. Is no one gonna talk about the repetitive "whoosh" sound every time the camera focuses on anything else?! That sound is annoying as hell and it does that through out the whole video. (It made the "whoosh" sound about 50 times in this video 😭)

  7. Bro is a little unfair 4k or 5k anime adventure lol

  8. Is anyone gonna talk about how he rolled reaper?

  9. Yo he got reaper then spinned it😢

  10. Bro said astd was a ripoff of anime adventures the game was made before anime adventures 💀

  11. World defender is not even an anime game😂😂

  12. I feel like ha edits his own vids if he had a professional editor he would have like 75k

  13. you currently carrying anime tower defence games

  14. Btw in astd when scouter goes red it means it’s featured

  15. Luffy can only fall on he's face when he is in base form

  16. AWTD Was a great game but lost hype after multiple gamebreaking bugs were found at release (it was originally released a year ago and I was one of the release day players lol)

    UPDATE: After it got updated its got a decent playerbase and I'm glad it's being played but for all my ogs we need the old maps back

  17. Yo bro moz did u not see that u accidently rolled Ur reaper on Puchi

  18. Wth man i saw i reaper trait on puchi she just doing click the reroll button damm she loss a reaper trait

  19. bro said all star tower defense is a ripoff of anime adventures

  20. AWTD was a fun game but there was a lot of glitches so it died but now it got back with the WORST ui but new units

  21. so you have 10,000 and thar are 5 games that is 2,000 cus it 2 4 6 8 10

  22. day one of asking for anime world tower defesnse content

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