Spawners only in undertale tower defense roblox! -

Spawners only in undertale tower defense roblox!

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wait until its squad… utter chaos lol…
(sorry for not making a tutorial about how to get asgore ill do it after my next video)


  1. wouldn't asgore count for this because of the level 5 ability

  2. Is it good to keep whimsalot on lvl 4?

  3. ….. So for get good farm of soul I just need get all summoners

  4. finally i been searching for this 😀

  5. What soul upgrades did ya get and how do I get as many g as you?

  6. You technically died because of air, because you lost health from air causing you to die to land so try not to leak any air

  7. You should see what they did with so sorry in the new update lol

  8. he just reached wave 20.

  9. Asgore's final upgrade is partly summoner, summoning astigmatism and final froggit. (probably whimsalot too but idk about that.)

  10. You need max amount of ppl ofc! Smh man,we want m o r e

  11. Wait how is your so sorry actually spawning himself? When I use it it spawns weird drawing things

  12. I actually used the same thing (only thing is I used asgore and temmie) and got to wave 40
    WAVE 40 MAN

  13. With the new kindness soul they will be even more op with healthy summon upgrade

  14. You know you could have placed the air units and make them target air only?

  15. Now use shyren and alphys :troll:

  16. Technically the Green Soul is best for this challenge as it is made for support

  17. This challenge completing without airs and you can just upgrade muffet on 5lv

  18. my man really said spawner instead of summoner

  19. Asgore summon at max and muffets final upgrade hits air

  20. You dont really need much to do this, aside from having Muffet and other summoners, you can do this without any other unite, althoygh sadly, we dont have any summoners who can summon flying units lol

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