*SPAWNCAMP ENEMIES* Evolving Frieza to 5 STAR in All Star Tower Defense + Review - fantasy-defense.com

*SPAWNCAMP ENEMIES* Evolving Frieza to 5 STAR in All Star Tower Defense + Review

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  1. Ace final upgrade is also good for spawn camping if you don’t have freiza

  2. How do you get frizzy soldiers what mission

  3. Yo why u guys ban me from the server
    Bruh like unban me I'm this dude カルロス・ピザナ and like fr sorry for falling into scams from it
    So plz @spreadfire tell them to unban me and I won't so do it again
    I hope u read it @spreadfire

  4. killua god speed is op
    have more damage what freezer

  5. hold up, you need only that for f.f.f,I expected more, but I did just evolve Broly so maybe I used to it

  6. Wow you got so lucky you got the Frieza solider at the end . I’m trying to get it but it keep giving me the other ones

  7. how do you get the purple freiza soldier it's so hard I did it IO times and I still can't get I freiza soldier someone please tell me how

  8. Me seeing this why is
    There no gold frieza???

  9. Wait ur yt picture is same to my discord pp… wow

  10. That load out is giving me anxiety on a whole other level bcoz I mean have u seen the units of this era now?

  11. Bro what do you mean one of the best units Koken a 3 star and does AOE he has 69 range and at level one does like 600 damage

  12. 5 star was a big flex in that time
    What a good old day 🥲

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